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Being the film that, in my opinion, is the worst in the series, I had low expectations about this edit. I was incredibly surprised at how it turned out, however there is only so much you can do with weak source material, so still expect to see things like Hermionies eyebrows try to act their way off her head, and Moody / Barty with the nervous tic.
It's now far more uniform and inline with the rest of the movies in the series. The highlight As with the rest of Andreas' revisited edits is the music, he certainly chooses good pieces that never seem out of place (the credits song of the first movie being the glaring exception). Unlike the first two movies the editing here is top notch, Andres resisted the urge to just reinstate every deleted scene, keeping the focus on the Tri-wizard Tornament and taking away from the subplots that go nowhere. He's made great choices on how much of angry Dumbledore to remove too, this restraint leads to the story line feeling far more coherent that the original.

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Owner's reply March 05, 2023

Thank you for the kind and encouraging words, my friend, and I hope that when I revisit this film with the "Ultimate Editions" it will become even better.

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