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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Revisited
October 07, 2017    
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Really great work again by Andreas on the Harry Potter series. This one required a lot more work, undoubtedly. This is my favorite book in the series and my least favorite film theatrically. Andreas has done wonders to bring this up to a good movie IMO. By far, the best part of this (and all the Revisited edits) is the music. Weaving some musical cohesion throughout the series is massive for me. It's probably the thing that irks me most about the movies. Most of the scores are good in a vacuum but so many ignore the previous music and style that it's really frustrating. A couple of minor quibble: the music fades a bit abruptly after the letter from Sirius and the cuts from the Yule Ball practice to Neville dancing to the next are pretty quick. I personally would have cut more of Dumbledore yelling, like to quiet crowds on a couple occasions (I would cut the yell and just have the crowd quiet down) because it is so antithetical to the character I know and love from the book and first movies. There were many very smart musical choices, some of my favorites were the graveyard scene, the letter scene and as the other schools leave, plus many more. I would love it if the sound were in 5.1 but as someone who's done a lot of audio replacement in fanedits, I've done stereo every time, too so I very much get it. Overall, just great work. The movie still moves at a very fast pace but a lot of unnecessary bits being cut helps it flow better. The pace and tone are very much improved for me. I look forward to seeing what Andreas does for the rest of the series!

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