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Time and time again I find myself giving the Potter films another chance. With every new viewing I wish for the movies to somehow improve. Either by discovering cinematic choices I neglected the previous viewing, or by a newly discovered emotional chord within. Sadly, the result is always the same: Apart from PS, CoS and most of PoA, I don't enjoy the Potter films. The fourth and fifth are what they are, and the sixth is the-one-which-must-not-be-seen.

HP and the Deathly Hallows (both of them) contains more story yet manages to a) feel too long and b) feel rushed. An achievement, if nothing else. The writing in some parts is atrocious, especially the "Seven Potter"-sequence and its explanatory, stiff and hastened dialogue. Furthermore, the Potter/Voldemort hide-and-seek climax, from its beginning in the courtyard to its inevitable end, is vile. A putrid mess and a massive change so emotionally different from the source I can only goggle at it in disbelief. Context complete.

Q2 possesses a damn fine skill set, as this edit displays. Impeccable cutting, slicing and editing of both audio and video. What he cut I didn't miss. Most of it gave the film a pleasant pace and a admirable tightening. Regarding the narrative I can only agree with aztek463's note about the cursed name of Voldemort.

Unfortunately, the removal of some stuff (i.e. the admirable tightening) leaves less time in between the poor writing. Thus, it becomes more noticeable. On the one hand the edit is superb, on the other it makes the film even less enjoyable to me (and thus the rating).

While I can revel in Q2's amazing work, I cannot enjoy the movie. Everything is pure quality from Q2 and he deserves all the praise. Alas, my enjoyment of his edit and skill as a fan editor is lessened by the very subject Q2 edits. Nevertheless, it is an edit I want to recommend for those seeking a perfect edit of a film they enjoy and are familiar with.

Stellar work, Q2!

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