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Wow Q2!

I must say i never liked DH part 1 because it is boring and long with little action, and you did an amazing job at it. It flows smoothly.

About part 2 i think that you shouldn't had cut/trim a few scenes:
- I always liked the opening scene where we see Severus watching over the students and the music (this is just a preference, so don't count this one)
- The battle of Hogwarts could have more action
- Why did you cut the Elder Wand cracking and hurting Voldemort as well as that scene were he is analyzing his wound and send Lucius to find Severus? (If you didn't want to show him humiliating Lucius you could trim it a bit)
- I think you shouldn't have cut Voldemort's awakening after killing HP and Narcisa lying that HP was dead
- I think it was an important scene to see Draco's reluctance to join the Voldemort and it caused an inconsistency, because in one frame Draco isn't behind Voldemort with his parents and on the next frame he's suddenly there
These are the reasons to why i won't give a 10 in narrative.

Tank you so much for removing the end scenes where they are "old" and send of their children to school! Awful scenes bahhh!

PS: I know that the movies get a darker color after third movie (i think), but i in my opinion it gets too dark that i always have to change the contrast and brightness lol. This is just a general comment.

Totally recommend it! And it is now my official 2 parts in 1 movie of the Deathly hollows! =)) Good work Q2

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