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FanFix February 14, 2016 9435
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Wow. What an edit. The A/V quality was on par with the official BD releases, and for such a long film on a 25GB disc (bearing in mind the increased bitrate and resolution) this is quite an accomplishment.

The visual editing was perfect. From masking out the "Part 1" at the beginning to just regular cutting (of which there is lots!) everything is in order. No stray frames, awkward jump cuts, or anything else that might pull one out of the experience.

Disregarding the cut issue brought up by thecuddlyninja that Q2 is working on fixing, the audio was spot on. Sync was good, levels were good, especially where a deleted scene was inserted about halfway through.

There were a couple minor quibbles I had with narrative
- When Ron left, he wasn't gone nearly long enough for his return to have much impact.
- There was a deleted scene that ought to have been in the theatrical cut about why Harry and company stop using Voldemort's name and why the Death Eaters come running (flying?) when Mr Lovegood says his name.

That said, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this edit. I've already recommended it to a good friend who is also a Harry Potter fan (before I even finished watching), and any Harry Potter fan who doesn't watch this is seriously missing out.

Bravo, Q2. Bravo!

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