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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
aztek463 jun 21 2011

I’ve been a Harry Potter fan for a long time, since the first film came out and for a few years before that as the books were published. I thought Deathly Hallows Part 1 did the best of all the films (except for maybe the first two films) of adapting the books, so when I saw this as a WIP, I was interested, though hesitant. I’ll admit, it was difficult to remain objective on this one, and while there WERE a few things about this I didn’t care for, this still worked excellently. So, let’s start!

The video has been level corrected from the original transfer on the Blu-ray disc, and even on the SL disc, it looks GREAT. It was much easier to make out what was actually going on in the darker scenes, which was a real challenge on the DVD release. The quality drop was noticeable in a few spots, but given that this was compressed from a Blu-ray source, it’s DAMN good regardless.
Audio was audio. I don’t have a 5.1 set up, so I couldn’t properly check the surround levels, but it all sounded good. The only variation was sound was on the deleted scene but…it took me a while to notice it anyways, so that was fine.

Okay, settle back, pop a cold one, and get ready, ’cause this is gonna be a lengthy section.

Right, so, how does the story hold up having been cut by 42 minutes? Wonderfully. Upon watching this, I realized just how bloated the original film is. What’s even better though? All the action and character beats (well, most of them) are intact even with all that was cut. The pace was improved consistently, and it definitely felt like a build up to something grand. The end result DID leave me feeling a tad empty, but…considering that the original left me feeling that way too, it’s fine. That was kinda the point of this being part 1 of 2 anyways.

There were a few bits that didn’t work, and while nothing too distracting on the whole, things worth noting:
When Bill Weasley talks about Fletcher fleeing and then mentioning Mad-Eye was dead just felt awkward. Granted, the original scene wasn’t perfect either, but I just felt that worked better.

Another awkward bit was the part with the flesh memories of the Snitch. It was noticeable that Hermione wasn’t actually speaking when they were discussing it outside of the tent, but it was fast and not too out of place.

Those two are the most standout, and while they certainly don’t detract in an extreme way, it’s something to make note of. Now, there’s a few other cuts I didn’t agree with as a fan of the book, but that’s purely subjective and in no way is going to bear on my score, especially considering the editing was seamless: no hard cuts, no bad audio fades, nothing. Perfect. In fact, this inspired me to do my own HP7 edit, though a combo edit of parts 1 and 2 when 2 is available on DVD.

I feel compelled to give this two scores:
As a Harry Potter fan, I give this a 7/10. There was a lot of story essential bits that were cut that I rather missed or that were important to Harry’s character.
But as a fan edit? I give this a 9/10 for smooth editing, great pace, and solid story that works well in the format. So, for a score, I’m going to compromise and give this an 8, and more than likely a vote in the FEOTM poll next month. Keep it up mate! :)
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