Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: The 90 Minute Wicked Edition

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: The 90 Minute Wicked Edition
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Brief Synopsis:
An exciting 90 minute version of Deathly Hallows Part 1 that does away with four inconsequential subplots, some extraneous lines and scenes, and all but 10 minutes of camping, in the pursuit of a more whimsical, action-adventure oriented beginning to Harry Potter’s grand movie finale.
A focused, more broadly entertaining Deathly Hallows Part 1 narrative, satisfying casual fans of the Harry Potter movie series and maintaining its opening Act’s momentum. A more magical, action-adventure cut, as opposed to the original’s more introspective approach. To be considered as the first exciting 90 minute hook of a three and a half hour single film narrative.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- Video Levels adjusted to better match the prior films in the series.
- New Opening: Snape’s meeting in Malfoy Manor opens the film.
- New Mirror Shard Introduction: Harry finds the Mirror Shard in Sirius’ room
- 4 major subplots removed:

1. Bathilda Bagshot
2. Godric’s Hollow
3. Locket’s “One-Ring” Properties
4. Ron Leaving
a. Ron’s struggle is now an internal one, dealing with his sense of self-worth compared to Harry and Hermione, both of whom now quickly figure out 3 of Dumbledore’s clues and carry the team through the first half of the film. Ron begins to naturally feel guilty (not angry) about being a burden for Harry and Hermione. The Locket scene is where Ron proves himself a valuable member of the trio; a figurative ‘return’ to form.

- 10 minutes of Camping/Middle restructured: Only 10 minutes of camping separates the end of the ‘Ron Splinched’ scene and the beginning of the ‘Silver Doe/Locket’ scene. All lines directly referring to excised scenes (Bathilda Bagshot, Godric’s Hollow, and Ron Leaving) and important plot points to the narrative of Part 2 (such as, “I open at the close”) have been fit within the new continuity.

- Snatchers are no longer smarter than Bellatrix and the Malfoys when it comes to recognizing Harry.

- Scenes are cut that didn’t work (Zipping up Ginny) and/or that are unnecessary/over-explanatory/retreads (Ron confronts Harry at the Burrow).

- Trimmed/re-worked some lines and shots within sequences that were too long, unnecessary, and/or deflated the scene. (Examples: Dobby’s speech is now one line; Bellatrix’s slow motion knife is gone)
Cuts and Additions:
- Cut Minister of Magic Opening
- Cut Obliviate Montage
- Malfoy Manor deatheater meeting opens film
- Cut Pius and Voldemort’s exchange (replaced with single shot of Pius being threatened by Nagini after Voldemort says “You will, I think, prove most useful, Pius.”)
- Cut Bellatrix’s “I would like to volunteer myself for this task”
- Cut Pettigrew’s “Yes, my lord”
- Replaced: Bellatrix’s pouty-face reaction with a more attentive/fanatical response
- Cut a few frames during Lucius and Voldemort’s exchange and before Voldemort moves Charity Burbage
- Cut Dumbledore flashback
- Cut Mirror shard
- Cut Harry’s first “no,” in reference to the polyjuice.
- Madeye interrupts Mundungus after “Always been a huge…”
- Tightened: Gap between Hagrid’s “Can’t do that, Harry” and “Madeye’s orders”
- Cut a few frames during the Motorbike chase
- Cut the shot of Molly anxious in the Burrow
- Cut a few frames throughout the arrival of the Order of the Phoenix to the burrow
- Cut Hermione taking off Ron’s glasses
- Cut George’s “I’m ‘holey’” joke
- Reworked: Bill Weasely now says “Mundungus took one look at Voldemort, disparate” before “Madeye’s dead”
- Cut scene of Harry sneaking out/Ron confronting him
- Cut scene of Ginny being (as one lady at the midnight screening put it) “slut[ty]”
- Cut Harry’s “To what do we owe the pleasure, Minister?”
- Cut Minister’s “I think we both know the answer to that question;” now he just says “Mr. Potter…”
- Cut Ron’s “Brilliant…what is it?”
- Added: Humorous reaction shot of the Minister to Ron’s “Babbity Rabbity and the Cackling Stump”
- Cut Auntie Muriel Weasely and Harry’s lines naming Bathilda Bagshot
- Reworked: Patronus now says “Minister of magic is dead” before “The Ministry has fallen”
- Cut a few frames during wedding attack and bus dodge
- Cut Hermione’s line about her parents taking her to Shaftesbury Avenue when she was little
- Cut a few frames of the trio entering the London alley
- Cut Hermione’s “That’ll be the books;” scene ends on her “Always the tone of surprise”
- Reworked: The waitress no longer takes the trio’s order in the diner scene
- Cut recognizing the death-eaters and obliviating one’s memory
- Tightened: Trio’s exchange after the diner scene to add urgency
- Cut dust Dumbledore in the hallway
- Cut Bathilda Bagshot’s book in Sirius’ room
- Added: Discovery of Mirror Shard in Sirius’ room
- Reworked: R.A.B.’s note line starts 2 seconds earlier during the previous scene
- Cut a few frames during the Kreacher confrontation
- Cut Kreacher’s “Mundungus…” before “Munnnnndungus Fletcher”
- Cut Hermione teaching Ron Piano
- Tightened: Gap between two of Hermione’s lines to Harry about snitch “Flesh
- Cut Hermione’s pre-Ministry of Magic pep talk about “just try and blend in”
- Tightened: Whole Ministry of Magic sequence for added humor, urgency, and tension.
- Cut Ron’s “Long Story…”
- Added: Deleted scene discussing what the trio knows about the horcruxes and Ron revealing that Voldemort’s name said aloud is ‘taboo’ (read: traceable)
- Cut Hermione’s “What are you doing” and Harry’s “We have to keep it safe. We’ll take turns.”
- Cut Harry growing agitated with Hermione because of wearing the locket
- Reworked: Harry now kisses the snitch, reads its inscription, and yells Hermione’s name just before her encounter with the Snatchers
- Reworked: Harry and Hermione discuss “I open at the close” on the way back to the tent, and Hermione reveals that she found a symbol inked into “The Tales of Beetle the Bard.” All the while, Ron begins to feel worthless and lies down.
- Reworked: Hermione discovers why Dumbledore left Harry the sword of Gryffindor; scene ends after Ron’s “…the sword was stolen.” (Omitting Ron’s fight with Harry and his departure)
- Reworked: Radio montage now comes after they find out the purpose of the sword.
- Added: Shots of Harry seeing “Dumbledore” in the mirror shard and Hermione leaving her perfume-scented scarf wrapped around a tree during the Radio Montage.
-Reworked: Radio Montage ends after Harry overhears Hermione’s “None of us do” line, and the scene cuts to their new tent sight in the snow after the locket noise peaks.
-Reworked: The tent in the snow fades to black.
-Added: Dumbledore falling flashback during faint “trust me,” before cutting to Harry in the Silver doe scene.
- Cut lines referring to Ron’s departure during the Locket scene
- Tightened: A few shots during the Locket scene
-Reworked: 2nd half of the Locket Confrontation completely reworked so that the naked make out illusion is a last chance effort to sway Ron when he’s already begun to charge, alleviating the gratuitous impression given by the 5 second lingering in original scene. Locket now grows desperate after Harry yells. “Ron it’s lying,” and the scene is tenser due to uncertainty of if Ron is about to kill Harry.
- Reworked: Removed references to Ron’s return during the following scene where Harry and Ron show Hermione the destroyed horcrux. Hermione is now agitated due to her jealousy with the ‘coincidences’ which allowed Ron and Harry to find and destroy what her logic and time could not. Plus, Ron was supposed to still be sick.
- Added: Ron now says “Always the tone of surprise” at the end of telling Hermione about destroying the locket (a callback to the two times they said it to each other previously in the film).
- Cut Ball of Light conversations, but kept the shooting flame in the latter scene.
- Swapped: Hermione’s “It keeps cropping up” and “In ‘Beetle the Bard’”
- Cut Hermione’s “In the graveyard at Godric’s Hollow”
- Reworked: Mr. Lovegood’s reaction to Harry Potter at his front door is more immediate
- Cut Harry straining to speak and his “Actually”
- Cut Harry’s “We were wondering…”
- Cut Ron and Hermione’s argument about “Twilight”
- Cut Hermione asking Mr. Lovegood about the gravestone from Godric’s Hollow
- Cut Harry’s “Who took her, sir?”
- Cut a few frames in the Snatcher chase for a slightly more understandable sequence of events
- Cut Dumbledore’s fire cyclone during Harry’s final vision
-Reworked: Bellatrix now exclaims “NO…” instead of “Get Draco…” And the following scene starts with Draco’s “What’s wrong with his face,” followed by Bellatrix’s “A stinging jinx… was it you, dear!?” Smarter Villain=More imposing.
- Flipped the shot of Bellatrix on top of Hermione from right to left for better continuity with the shots before and after it
- Cut Dobby’s “Sir? I like her VERY much”
- Quickened: Ron’s “Like Hell!” reaction
- Reworked: Dobby no longer gives a speech, only says “Dobby has no master!”
- Cut slow motion knife; knife is thrown and goes in the wormhole
- Cut Harry’s “Help me!”
- Reworked: The music now drowns out Dobby’s “Harry Potter;” scene changes before Luna kneels by Harry.
- Reworked: The music now peaks right as Voldemort fires his lightning into the sky, making it feel more climactic.
Cover art by AEMovieguy (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
stankpac jul 21 2011

*This rating was given before reviews were required*
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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
shortround24 jun 28 2011

*This rating was given before reviews were required*
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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
emphatic jul 21 2011

So, I watched this today (AVCHD, stripped down to just the movie file to watch in my HTPC, so sadly I’ve missed out on all the cool extras).

Video is crisp and good, but some compression artifacts are present on dark areas, but doesn’t bother me much, however, the scene in the Malfoy’s basement felt a bit too bright and sunny considering the situation.

Audio is magnificent.

The edit worked very well for me all in all, but there were some stuff, good and IMHO less good that should be mentioned:

* The Harry Potter title appeared twice (just before Snape enters the story and after Nagini has a snack). The second one felt redundant.

* I loved how a bitter Ron turns of the light in the tent, cutting short Harry and Hermiones discussion about the sword of Godric Gryffindor and his line afterwards then a swift cut.

* When Harry is pulled out of the icy water by Ron, the conversation kinda reveals that Ron has been gone, why else would Harry be so surprised? Perhaps adding an “always the tone of surprise” could fix it? :D

As a fan of the book, I prefer the theatrical version, but for a quick fix or paired with a shorter part 2 this edit is excellent. I give this a 9.5/10.
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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
geminigod jul 20 2011

I finally got around to watching this. (In fact I watched it with my mother!)

1) I think the Lumos! extra feature was my favorite part! The creative fun you had with it really showed. It also technically impressed me. I’m still not really sure how you fluidly worked the split screen like you did! And it was set brilliantly to the chosen music.

2) Presentation-wise, this fanedit is brilliant. The menu and extras (including the hidden easter egg video) is fantastic! AEmovieguy is definitely not short on creativity.

2) As far as the movie goes, I was pretty excited about the plan for this edit. After watching it, I had two separate feelings. For me personally as someone who is familiar with the book and theatrical release I was overall grateful for the cuts made, glad it was shorter, and sometimes wishing it were even shorter yet. But simultaneously I couldn’t help but feel that perhaps he cut too deeply unnecessarily in some scenes at the cost of character, story development, and dramatic tension, and not enough in a couple spots surrounding your camping cuts where the characters’ reactions now don’t make sense. (There were also a couple awkward fades in the camping stuff.) I fear that someone watching this who had never seen the original or read the book would be very confused and feel that the movie felt disjointed. This seems to be one of the more challenging concepts with fanediting. Because of the audience here, faneditors can often get away with leaving certain character or story threads a little splinched, but when taken in as an original story and graded soley on its own merit, critics would probably respond less favorably.

3) I watched the AVCHD version. The audio sounded excellent. Strong work there. Visually I suspect this edit looks great on DVD. On AVCHD it doesn’t look bad per say, but just not as good as it could given the blu-ray source. This is more apparent in some scenes due to your adjustment to the luma levels, but that color correcting effect seems to just be enhancing some other underlying compression or resolution data loss that occurred prior to applying the effect. This is evident in the Lumos extra video comparing both versions side by side.

With all that in mind, I rated this edit 7/10.

AEmovieguy put an impressive amount of work into this and it shows. It is not perfect in my opinion, but it is well worth the time to watch for anyone like myself who felt the source material for this story was flawed and who does not want to see an exact reproduction of The Deathly Hallows book.
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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
sunarep jul 2 2011

In my eyes Harry Potter 7 (and probably 8 as well) was the victim of fanboys having too much influence on the creative process – resulting in a product tailored for the bean counters that don’t realise that a good adaption is never a scene by scene recreation of the book or that faithful is not equal to following every tiny detail.

Because of that Deathly Hallows while enjoyable never reached the status of a truly marvelous adaption that could stand on it’s own two feet.
AEmovieguy delivers the closest thing we will probably ever get to this: a fast paced version of a movie that should have never been split apart.

STORY (9/10)

The problems with both book and movies for me were:

1) the obviously from lord of the rings lifted plot
2) the obligatory “it’s fantasy so there has to be a lof of nothing happening”
3) plotdevices over plotdevices

make no mistake a lot of those things are still there but cutting away the deluminator makes the ride much more plausible, the thing itself is now no longer of plot importance, but still it is not as much of a missing plotline since ron uses it once to turn of the light and once to turn it back on so let’s just assume dumbledore wanted the kids to have a flashlight :P

Cutting out ron’s forced character drama also works to the story’s advantage – even more it shows how unneeded the initial conflict was since ron’s jealousy is still there when hermione and harry are walking together

it even enhances the character of ron or at least adds “suspense” since up until the horcrux’s destruction ron has not yet made a conscious decision to stand on harry’s side whereas in the original version he has proven his loyalty already by returning

Getting rid of godric’s hollow is also a great improvement – yes it is sentimental bla bla grave of parents bla, but the sequence was never important, neither in the book nor in the movie and is more of a wasted potential than a great scene
where in the book one could have semi-argued why it had to be there Godric’s Hollow was never important in the movies and our heroes don’t do anything useful there so it just adds to the frustration

The only thing weird that remained was the Rita Skeeter discussion at the wedding since the obvious “harry later in the movie you have to go there” plot setup remains but in this version he never goes there.. maybe one could make the case for the dumbledore biography’s introduction… not sure about that

Moving the mirror to sirius’s bedroom is a stroke of genius which I never understood in the original. I firmly believed before seeing the film it would go like this, but as I mentioned: this movie was more about pleasing the “it has to be exactly like in the book” group than standing on its own

EDITING (9/10)

Sadly the obliviate montage and the discussion about wiping memories is gone, but the editor explained his reasons so this is a personal complaint

Moving the flesh memory before the snatchers seemed like a wise move since the snatchers distract from the fact that the “realization” doesn’t really do anything, but as another reviewer said there is a lip problem with hermione because the voiceover is during the scene where harry and hermione walk
Also the discovery of the hallows symbol in the book seems a bit overkill – the audience is already wrestling with that they see harry and hermione coming fromt he snatchers while talking about something via voiceover that was in a scene before and then they get another voiceover dump and a picture of a symbol

I think the sequence would work better if the discovery of the symbol would be moved between the sequences of travelling through britain.

Harry using the charm on the fire now feels a little out of context since in this version he doesn’t break his wand
same goes for hermione being mad – now it seems as if aunt erma is visiting instead of a plausible character evolution

The dvd menu is pretty nice and the chapter selection is also done very much in the vein of official dvd menus instead of just pasting pictures of the chapters onto a static background so that is pretty nice to look at and shows the faneditor caring about his edit
only a semi transparent bar for the title menu would have been nice since the “start movie” and “scene selection” overlap with the title of the opening menu

Clear picture, clear sound, nice edit and it just continues to amaze me how much the quality of this site has risen – i mean hell this is a firstling, I am pretty sure that 2-3 years ago something like that would have been a holy grail for edits

the fact that it is “another good edit” speaks for how much the ambition has risen

It won’t replace my original dvd – not yet :D
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