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A very good extended edition that achieves a lot with just a little. The Aunt Petunia scene at the beginning, to be fair, I could do with or without. It's a nice scene but I can understand it being cut to fasten the pacing of the pre-title sequence and get the story moving ASAP. The horcrux discussion scene, however, is absolutely essential, as it explains something that came across as extremely lazy writing in the theatrical: why Harry keeps saying "You-Know-Who" in this one when he never seemed afraid to say "Voldemort" before. It also gives a reason to why saying the name is considered so dangerous in general, something that seemed just superstition in the earlier entries. And this danger manifests in the attack to the Lovegood house, which now is, or appears to be, triggered by Mr. Lovegood saying the name. Sometimes just a little change makes all the difference in the world.

The editing itself is undetectable and completely professional. Audio/video quality is very good, particularly given that the version I watched was the AVI, the only one which seems to be currently available, and for a 1.17GB file of such a long movie it's of amazingly high quality. I'm, however, substracting one point because the audio is 2.0 and not 5.1, turning the added scenes 5.1 may be tricky but it's doable and would have improved the final result.

The movie still could use some trimming in the camping scenes, but so far this completely replaces the official version for me. This is what extended editions are all about.
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