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lpd jun 8 2011

It is my pleasure to write a review of nightstalkerpoet’s extended edition:
I have watched the avchd version of his edit on my Blu ray player, hd dlp projector on a 106″ screen and audio through my 1700watt 6.1 set up.
In one word; Excellent.
I too have always felt that a lot of info that someone who has not read the books(like me) find the movies harder to follow and by adding these particular scenes back in do help a lot and I must say nightstalkerpoet has done it well.
I originaly saw the picture at the cinema with my wife, who is a big Potter fan and has read the books. We did enjoy it but both felt that there were scenes missing or little bits of info missing.
When released on blu ray we knew their were deleted scenes on the disc so after purchasing watched again and found it a more enjoyable experience and both wondered why these scenes were removed and so looked forward to this edit …

In nightstalkerpot’s edition the cut scenes are intergrated seamlessly and cleverly, and do help with the overall narative of the movie. The scenes added are of Harry’s auntie Petunia speaking to Harry as the Dursley family are leaving their family house at the begining of the movie, and the second is of Harry, Ron and Hermione discussing the horcrux in the tent in a forest approx a quarter through. They both added a bit more info and depth to the story and surrounding scenes.
I couldnt detect any difference in the audio conversion of the added scenes and the addition of the months passages in text didn’t feel out of place and again helped with the overal feeling of bleakness and dispair this movie can give the viewer.
Picture and audio were flawless and as I say watching it on my set up you do notice if not done well.
You’ve done an excellent job and will be watching your edition over the original release for future viewing.
Here are some ratings:
Image quality: 10
Audio quality: 10
Difference to the original: 5 ( I would class as an extended edition, not a full edit or recut)
Overall presentation: 5 ( As it was an avchd it had no menu’s did have the editors logo after the title in a Harry Potter stylee but could do with an intro of some form)
Entertainment: 8 (As a movie overal)

Thanks for sharing your edit and well done.
I am looking forward to more of your work.
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