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If you want to watch the movie, get the extras and still enjoy it without falling asleep, this is the one to watch.

I grew up with the books. I was eleven when Harry was eleven and being from Sweden I had to wait until book four to be good enough at English to be able to read it as soon as it came out. Chamber of Secrets is my least favorite though. I just feel there is so much transportation and there is little going on. I usually skip it when re-reading the books.
I have recently however seen quite a few clips of Gildenroy Lockheart and I wanted to revisit the movie again. And I think this was the perfect way to do it. I got to see most of the extended scenes but with trims to them and a lot of small trims here and there to make the pacing feel like I was sitting in a railway cart. Very good! I did fell though as if something was missing but I think that is much more the original choices of the film makers and not this edit. I think this just makes it better.

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