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To begin with, I want to say that I am impressed that RollWave was able to produce such a grandiose project that removes the major character from a story. I also loved seeing the how it was done clips in the project thread. Though I cannot stand The Goblet of Fire, the possibilities of such a drastic narrative rearrangement was too much to resist.

A/V Quality: 9
The video and audio quality is exactly what it should be in this edit and for the format in which I watched it (MP4). The only A/V quality issues of concern for me will be addressed in the individual A/V editing sections.

Visual Editing: 5
Much of this rating is a product of the difficulties involved with removing the major character in the story. There are more than a few scenes where the background is noticeably moving where Harry is painted out. Incidental scenes are retained that require major re-framing and odd placements of characters e.g. when Mrs. Weasley is talking in the corridor and is far right and half seen. It would be better to have removed such scenes than to have such odd framing, imho. The scenes of Voldemort's rebirth are also a bit rough in terms to the rotoscoping and masking. The added scene from X-Men during the lake scene totally pulled me out. I think it would require extra color correction to make it at least fit with the preexisting color palette. Was that supposed to be Ron? Wasn't he later seen tied up in the water in his Wizard robes? There are inserted scenes that also don't feel like they flow in shots such as when Snape arrives in Dumbledore's chambers. Scenes felt visually rushed and squished throughout the edit.

Audio Editing: 5
There are a lot of abrupt audio transitions when Harry is removed from scenes. Instead of rebuilding the audio track, the audio sounds to have been simply spliced together which results in gaps. The scene where Ron is daydreaming in his room is particularly jarring as it goes from a lullaby type music which abruptly stops, to no music, and then to new music. The insertion of the Jim Dale segments sound a bit louder than they should and don't feel like they fit in the mix. Other lines that are inserted for other characters are likewise distracting. Perhaps they need some reverb and eq treatments to mimic the sound of the mix? Are the voice overs from the tub scene from the Crazy Russian Hacker YouTuber?

Narrative: 4
I'm not entirely sold on the new narrative in this edit. It feels very confusing and undefined. I just can't figure out what the story is here. The jumping back and forth between ages is odd as well. I can't tell if Ron and Hermione are in the tournament. They win contests, but they aren't seen as being a part. The Ron choking on the drink scene left me confused. I think the narrative goal was perhaps too lofty with this one.

Enjoyment: 4
I'll admit, the major source material for this story, The Goblet of Fire, is one of my least favorite movies period, so this is may have some effect on the enjoyment factor of this edit. The visual and audio editing felt really distracting throughout and just kept me from being able to take in the new narrative.

Overall Rating: 5
This is one of the most ambitious edits I've watched and I applaud RollWave's attempt at such an endeavor, but ultimately this edit feels more like a preview/workprint than a finished product to me. Still, I would recommend this edit to anyone who has any thought of drastically altering a narrative of a film. I know that I learned a ton about editing from watching this and the possibilities of editing narratives has been expanded.
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