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Harry Potter and the Boy Who Never Lived: Part 1
March 24, 2018    
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When I found this in one of the new releases posts I was very intrigued. A Harry Potter movie without Harry Potter. Now that must be a lot of work for sure. And yes, it is a lot of work but that work also shows!

Going into this movie I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. If you know what happens in the movies it's fun to see how the editor removed Harry and how he changed the scenes to make them work without him. Most of the time this is done by cutting Harrys dialogue and cropping the image to remove him. The dialogue part is done very well. I rarely noticed it being done. On the other hand sometimes the quality of the film image will drop some due to the cropping but that is not the editors fault for what he intended to do with this edit.

There are some scenes where Harry was covered by something else to make him disappear. If you know where Harry should be it will be pretty obvious but it was done well nontheless. In some scenes this is done very cleverly.
In the beginning of the maze scene some people in the audience are blurred out pretty heavily and I'm not sure why. It was kind of distracting but I'm sure it was necessary to some extent.

The moments where Peeves was added weren't really for me. It was done ok but I feel like it didn't need to be in this movie. Same goes with the added lines for Krum since they weren't really of the best audio quality. But in that department the editor really surprised me with the addition of the audio tracks from the audio books.

All in all a very ambitious project and I really commend the creator of this edit for his hard work. With the goal he had in mind and the way he accomplished it, I would say he did a very good job. I recommend this edit to all hardcore Harry Potter fans who would like to experience these movies again in a very different way.

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