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Firstly I will just preface this review by saying my wife rather than I is the big Harry Potter fan and she enjoyed this edit. My review comes more from the angle of a first time /casual Harry Potter viewer, I have seen the first five movies in the series but I wouldn't pretend I am well versed in all the lore and history of the HP universe and its backstories etc.

I wouldn't normally pay too much interest to a HP edit but the premise of this was very intriguing to say the least. The amount of work that has gone into this is clearly evident and the editors skill with rotoscoping and some of the more advanced elements of top tier fan-edits was clearly there for all to see. For the premise to work the editor has used Goblet of Fire as the basis but used deleted scenes and footage from films 1-6 to make this new Potterless storyline work. My honest opinion is that I think that this really only works if the viewer is an avid Harry Potter fan and I don't think this edit was made to appeal to the first time/casual HP viewer. Far too many characters were introduced throughout for it to make much sense for those who don't already know how everything is connected in the original movies. I would only regard that as a criticism though if it WAS meant to appeal the first time viewer as a standlone film with no prior knowledge, I definitely think this is aimed more at Harry Potter fanatics. Technically very well put together for the most part, the editor is forced to pull a few stunts to make certain characters interact, audio is lifted from other HP movies (and other surprising sources!) and heads are sometimes cropped off intentionally so we can't see who is really there. This may be jarring for some and it was for me if I'm honest in bits but there is a gleeful 'mad professor' element to all the visual trickery on display to make this Potterless narrative work.

I did listen to some of the commentary too to see how and why the editor made some of his choices and this provides an interesting insight into the editing process. Overall one for avid Potter fans I'd say which isn't really me but definitely something worth checking out to see just how far you take this fanediting thing!!!
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