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FanMix March 24, 2018 5153
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Mostly good AV quality, although it did drop when cropping took place.

Very impressive editing in some parts, especially the removal of Harry and the re-editing of scenes to flow better.
The construction of a new narrative is quite impressive, the first 15 minutes of the edit are amazing. I feel the edit suffers from focussing for quite a large part of the runtime on subplots and non-essential material, such as clunkily stitching together Ron & Hermione's scenes from Goblet of Fire & Half Blood Prince to give them character development. It would've been far more interesting for this edit to be more plot oriented and included plotlines from the Order of the Phoenix & the Deathly Hallows. It gets off to a great start with Voldemort, with the intercutting of the end & beginning of GOF being done superbly, but then spends an eternity on Ron & Hermione's romance subplots, as well as other seemingly unimportant plotlines, such as the liquid luck scenes, Ron joining the Quidditch team, the Triwizard Ball etc.

Editing Harry out of several scenes in which he is key but keeping the scenes made these scenes feel quite unnatural and disorientating, as it isn't clear who is interacting with the other characters. The use of the voice over sometimes worked, but often didn't.

Overall, this edit has a lot of potential as an idea, and has some very very impressive editing, but it feels a little wasted on the content that was chosen. I'd like to see a part 2 someday focussing on the films OFTP & DH.
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