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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
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stefanedit aug 5 2012

This is definitely the best version of Halloween 5, and it’s fanmade how ironic isn’t that? Take that Hollywood. Long live FE!

I grew up watching the theatrical cut so I guess it has some kind of a nostalgic value for me, even the bad stuff, but oh man what a difference some editing can do. What really got me excited reading the cut-list was the choice you made to digital remove Michael’s mask while he’s behind bar. And watching the fanedit I most say it worked perfect. Also a lot of characters/scenes are now more tolerable than before (read: Tine/cops/stuttering reta…ehh…kid) and getting rid of Thorn was needed because it was never needed to begin with (confused?) Now I’m waiting for a H6 – Thornless edition (aka H6 – Enough of this Michael Myers bullshit)

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