Halloween Resurrection: The Final Chapter

Halloween Resurrection: The Final Chapter
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A group of college students have decided to spend a night in the infamous Myers house as part of a reality show. Unknown to them Michael Myers has been living in his old house, now locked in the house and being picked off one by one, everyone fights to survive the night with Michael Myers.
Halloween Resurrection: The Final Chapter is an attempt to recut and slightly restructure the film, to make Michael Myers seem less like a joke and more terrifying as he has been in past movies. Character scenes have been either trimmed or cut and Laurie Strode no longer dies at the start of the movie, ensuring that a new finale happens.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Laurie Strode is introduced at the Sanatorium, but does not die at the start of the film
- Cut Laurie's opening monologue
- Rescored opening scene showing Laurie Strode
- Cut all contestant interviews expect Sara's
- Cut Sara driving to Freddie's apartment to say she's quitting
- Cut girls going into town to shop for new clothes
- Trimmed Freddie talking to contestants
- Trimmed cameraman setting up
- Cut Freddie & Nora toasting before Bill's death
- Trimmed Bill's death
- Cut Freddie & Nora toasting during Bill's death
- Trimmed Freddie & Nora talking after Bill's death
- Trimmed Jim & Donna talking & kissing
- Cut Sara falling into cupboard
- Cut Freddie dressed as Michael talking to the real Michael
- Cut Jen & Rudy smoking weed
- Trimmed Freddie's dialogue to the contestants after he grabs Sara
- Cut Freddie's dramatic laughing as he goes off to scare more people
- Trimmed Jen finding Bill
- Rescored Michael going after Sara, Rudy & Jim
- Trimmed Freddie & Sarah fighting Michael
- Trimmed Freddie kicking Michael out of the window
- Cut Freddie's trick or treak
- Trimmed Freddie's final fight with Michael
- Cut Freddie's, "hey mikey, happy f'ing halloween."
- Cut Freddie speaking to reporters
- New finale created, with Michael Myers escaping the fire and going to the Sanatorium to hunt down Laurie Strode
- Cut security guards
- Cut Michael repeatedly trying to burst through Laurie's door
- Rescored Michael chasing Laurie
- Surprise during the credits (Halloween fans will appreciate)

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