Halloween Resurrection: Resurrected

Halloween Resurrection: Resurrected

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Evil is Home
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Brief Synopsis:
My intentions here were to make Halloween: Resurrection an enjoyable Halloween sequel and not just a movie that everyone skips by. I basically just took the source material seriously, something the writers and director didn't do. In the end, I wanted to actually make Michael Myers a terrifying character again.
Following the very successful Halloween: H20, Halloween: Resurrection proved to be a franchise low. The characterization of Michael Myers was a joke with characters showing no fear at all towards him and cracking poorly written jokes. My edit really aims to make characters act how they really would in this situation, fearful for their lives. Cutting out the nonsense also has the added benefit of making Michael Myers quite brutal and unstoppable.
Other Sources:
Scream 2, Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween 4, and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers soundtracks.
Release Information
Editing Details:
By finding a clean center channel, I was able to apply all my own music which helped with the tone. I replaced sound design in certain scenes to remove ridiculous kung-fu sound effects.
Cuts and Additions:
- Restructured and moved opening credits later into the film. Rescored with "Return of the Shape" from Halloween 4.
- Cut Laurie's opening monologue.
- Shortened nurses dialogue.
- Added stinger sound effect to replace rattlesnake sound effect when you see Michael on the security camera.
- Cut out additional rattlesnake sound effects throughout.
- Cut security guard tripping over headless body.
- Cut knife sound effect when Michael is walking towards Laurie's room.
- Cut Michael repeatedly trying to burst through Laurie's door.
- Rescored Michael chasing Laurie to the roof with "Look Upstairs" from Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.
- Trimmed Laurie's dialogue on the roof.
- Rescored Laurie's demise with "Love Turns Sour" from Scream 2.
- Cut Jen's weird giggle when runs up to Sarah.
- Cut background music during scene of Jen and Sarah walking to Rudy.
- Cut Rudy's reference to The Osbournes.
- Cut shot of Sarah driving to meeting.
- Trimmed Freddie's dialogue talking to the kids about spending the night in the Myers house.
- Cut Sarah screaming and breaking a glass.
- Cut Sarah driving to Freddie's apartment to say she's quitting.
- Cut girls going into town to shop for new clothes.
- - Trimmed Freddie talking to reporters.
- Rescored kids walking into the house with "Halloween 1978" from Halloween.
- Cut banter between Jim and Donna as well as conversation between Bill and Jen after they've entered the house.
- Trimmed Jim and Donna's dialogue in the basement.
- Cut Bill being stabbed in the head.
- Cut Sarah being trapped in the closet and scared by a mannequin.
- Cut Freddie dressed as Michael Myers talking to the real Michael Myers.
- Trimmed Freddie's dialogue to the kids after he grabs Sarah.
- Cut Jen's head bouncing down the stairs.
- Shortened Jim's death scene.
- Cut most of Rudy's dialogue while he's fighting with Michael.
- Rescored Jim, Rudy, and Jen's death scenes with "The Shape Stalks Again" from Halloween 2.
- Moved clip of kids watching webcam later on in Rudy's death scene.
- Rescored Sarah trying to creep away from Michael with "The Return" from Halloween 4.
- Rescored Sarah and Freddie fighting Michael with "The Return" from Halloween 4.
- Shortened Sarah and Freddie fighting Michael while cutting all of Freddie's dialogue and kung fu noises.
- Cut Sarah yelling "This is for Rudy, for Jen, etc." while attacking Michael with chainsaw.
- Cut Sarah saying "Oh shit" when chainsaw stops working.
- Cut Sarah's odd grunt when throwing the chainsaw at Michael.
- Rescored final showdown with "Last Assault" in homage to the finale of the original Halloween.
- Removed most of Freddie's dialogue and kung fu noises from final fight. Cut "Trick or treat, mother f'er."
- Trimmed down final fight.
- Cropped image showing Freddie shocking Michael with power cable to remove Michael being shocked in the genitalia.
- Cut Michael groaning when being shocked.
- Cut Freddie's final line to Michael, "hey mikey, happy f'ing halloween."
- Cut Freddie speaking to reporters.
- Added stinger sound effect to Michael frightening coroner.
- Removed Michael groaning before end credits.

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I really liked this edit. It manages to transform H:Ressurection from a mess to a enjoyable movie. It get rid of various fillers and the narrative is straight to the point. Some moments I think could have been cut just for narrative purposes like the killing of the guy with the tripod. I always tought was strange that Michael was there all the time hiding and waiting the kids. Cutting the scene of the guy with tripod could look like Michael arrived later in the house coming from the mental hospital. But overall is a great edit! The new music added are way better that the original cut! And no Busta Rhymes kicking Michael ass with kung fu! Thank God! A great fanedit by Ryantology! Check it out!

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