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casmirradon nov 12 2009

I had never gotten around to watching the Halloween sequels before, but of course am a big fan of the original. In fact, to get myself in the mood for your edit, I re-watched the original the night before.

I watched the purist soundtrack, but did watch the first 15 minutes or so with your remix soundtrack to see how it was. In my opinion you got it very close to the original movie with this score… but I always felt the original movie was over-scored anyway. I thought the purist soundtrack worked well for me. This brings up my biggest complaint about your DVD menus, which is that a first time viewer will often not look at the bonus features until after they’ve seen a movie… and in this case that would mean they won’t know there is a choice of soundtracks until they’ve already seen it. This would have made me upset if I had not known before hand, and I really wish the option was on the main menu.

For the most part, editing was great. I don’t have many complaints. You changed it so “–Jimmy is now killed in the pool of blood by Michael Myers.” which was a little awkward for me, and I could tell something was off, but it got the point across and well enough.

The part that really took me out of the experience was:
“–As Loomis, Marion and Marshall enter Hospital — Laurie runs to greet them and The Shape springs into attack.”
This didn’t work for me at all. I had to rewind and watch it a second time, and I could only figure out what was going on by reminding myself that it was a fanedit. Really took me out of the experience, it was just way too abrupt and disjointed. Even though I’m sure you spared me some annoying parts by editing it in this way.

Also it was awkward towards the end when Laurie tells her son and girlfriend to drive away while she goes back for Michael. When she gets out of the car the audio cuts, and then just as abruptly music comes back in. I know you reference audio troubles in your info, but this again took me out of the experience.

Other then these complaints, it was a good experience, and even came together to make a pretty decent film and a worthy enough sequel. It’s still based off sequels that will never be great, but I will say that this was worth watching, and that I would recommend it to friends in the future. Good work.
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