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boon23 nov 5 2009

I am not a huge Halloween buff. The first one was great, but about everything that followed was IMO rather lame, most of all caused by a slow undying and very unbelievable creature named Michael Myers. What made the first one so special became in its repeats a bore most of the time, when there was constantly more gore added, because the scares were not scary anymore. The concept of this fanedit directly intrigued me though, because it is a bold one. Combining so many movies to one, what Modernknife calls an “epic” is a huge and very difficult undertaking.

As for all my reviews: this is just my personal opinion of this fanedit. I cannot tell anybody else, if he or she will experience it in the same way or the opposite. So my review is not objective and does not reflect the opinion of

!!!!This review contains heavy spoilers!!!

The edit:
I watched the “John Carpenter Remix” version and skipped then through the “original purist soundtrack” and I think I regret that decision a lot. While the movie is edited well and follows the fate of poor Laurie, the music was the one thing that bothered me in the entire first part of this fanedit. It felt “over-scored”. Scenes that should have been silent to be scary were suddenly all drenched in the Halloween theme, which although well done, took all the scary mood away. The “original purist track” contains the badly needed silence for a horror movie. It is what made Halloween scary. It is what kind of makes any horror movie scary. Silence that is suddenly interrupted has a lot more impact than a score with an altering theme that plays almost all the time.
The long hospital scenes were a bit confusing for me, especially when at one time Michael leaves the building for no reason and then is back for no reason. Now Michael is not known as a big thinker, but that felt weird to me. The hospital scenes were more or less a body-count delivery and had so little impact on the story of Laurie.
Part 2 of the fanedit with the H20 parts was great IMO. It was very well edited and heavily trimmed at the right places. And the sound mix and score worked great for this part.
So, while the first half was a rather frustrating experience for me, the second part was pretty good. But discovering that my main issues were not present in the “original purist soundtrack” was quite a revelation of the not so great kind, because it made me truly wish I had watched that first or that at all, but right after oen time, I could not watch it again.
Overall I was a bit entertained from the first half, very entertained from the second half, but in the end disappointed by the overall package. It was not bad, but also not epic for me. Worse than the originals? Oh no, but I was hoping for more.

editing: 8 of 10 (the hospital scenes were too long and a bit confusing)
entertainment: 5 of 10 for the “John Carpenter Remix and 7 of 10 for the original purist soundtrack (which is an estimate, since I did not watch that entirely)(originals: H2: 6 H_resurrection: 4, H20: 6)

Image and video quality:
Image and video quality were very good.
Video quality: 10 of 10

Audio editing and audio quality:
There were no hard audio cuts. Audio was too low ion volume.
audio editing: 10 of 10
sound quality: 8 of 10
resulting in a 9 of 10 for overall audio

The DVD comes with slightly but quite basic animated menus with sound that are ok. Cover art is attached and quite well done. The extras contain a different audio mix (which is a great extra) and a basic info menu. There is a new title sequence in the movie and also partly self created end credits that could have been done a lot better. The is detailed and informative.
To sum it up:
Some room for improvement, yet an overall really good presentation.
resulting in a 8 of 10 for overall presentation

Final result: 7 of 10 (because I stick in this case to my concept of not rating more than 1 star higher than the movie was entertaining for me)
A bold concept and an interesting edit. For Halloween fans highly recommended.
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