Halloween Kills: Recut

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More of the Night He Returned.
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Upon finally being released, Halloween Kills was met with a lukewarm response from both critics and fans. The film's themes were thrown at you without at ounce of subtlety, characters were incredibly melodramatic, and at times it felt more like a Friday the 13th movie. This edit trims out a lot of the melodrama and gore and strengthens some of the character work which helps to strengthen the overall narrative making things seem a bit more natural and logical.
Initially I was pleasantly surprised with Halloween Kills. I think I had had such low expectations for it that at first I was just happy I didn't hate every second of it. It was my second viewing that really opened my eyes to a lot of its failings. Halloween Kills oozes melodrama starting simply with the fact that there's no way an entire town would be haunted by 3 murders that happened 4 decades prior. So much of the dialogue was hammy and over the top and there were tons of callbacks unnaturally inserted. Unnecessarily lingering on gore made this at times feel like more of a Friday the 13th ripoff. Anything that Halloween 2018 did right felt undone very quickly. I still felt that buried down somewhere in the (mostly) great cinematography, AMAZING score, and wonderful production design was a pretty solid Halloween sequel. Just wanted to give the fans of the Halloween franchise another solid entry to revisit every October.
Special Thanks:
Thanks to ArtisDead for the amazing cover art as well as both ArtisDead and emh for previewing this edit before release.
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Cuts and Additions:
1. Trimmed Lonnie getting bullied.
2. Added scene of Lonnie seeing Michael behind the bush from extended cut.
3. Lonnie no longer mentions being sorry for bullying Tommy Doyle to Michael.
4. Trimmed Lonnie's responses to the cops.
5. Cut cops dialogue right before Michael attacks him. Shot cropped to maintain continuity.
6. Cut Loomis talking to Hawkins.
7. Replaced music in the opening credits with "Halloween Kills End Credits."
8. Heavily recut and restructured Tommy's Speech at the bar for less melodrama and a more logical flow.
9. Trimmed flashbacks during Tommy's speech.
10. Two trims to Michael attacking the firefighters.
11. No longer see the glass go through the elderly man's throat.
12. Attack on elderly woman attacked to be slightly less gory.
13. Cut Julian from Halloween 2018 from the TV newscast.
14. Cut Marion saying "evil dies tonight" in the bar.
15. Trimmed hallway conversation between Allyson, Cameron, and Karen.
16. Cut Allyson saying "Michael Myers has haunted this town for 40 years. Tonight we hunt him down" after she grabs the shotgun.
17. Cut Marion saying "this is for Dr. Loomis" before she tries to shoot Michael.
18. Trimmed scene of Michael stabbing Marcus in the eye.
19. Cut Laurie calling her knife wound a paper cut.
20. Cut scene with Lonnie, Tommy, and Lindsay talking about trying to sneak in the Myers house when they were kids.
21. Cut random woman and Brackett saying "evil dies tonight" in the hospital entrance.
22. Lots of cuts to Laurie and Karen talking in the hospital room. We no longer see Laurie stab herself with the needle.
23. Lots of cuts to the crowd chasing Tivoli. Many "evil dies tonight" chants cut.
24. Cut Oscar's mom seeing her son's body.
25. Trimmed Laurie and Hawkins talking.
26. Reframed two shots of Laurie in the corridor.
27. No longer see the aftermath of Tivoli jumping.
28. Cut Brackett's line "now he's turning us into monsters."
29. Young Hawkins scene with cop switching guns with him is cut.
30. Big John and Little John now die off screen. Entire second scene with them is cut.
31. Michael storms out of the closet earlier now.
32. Cut Allyson yelling "DO IT!" when Michael is trying to stab her in the chest. Restructured the track "Unkillable" to accomplish this.
33. Trimmed Karen's dialogue goading Michael.
34. Cut Karen saying "gotcha." Too repetitive especially if you go right to watching this after Halloween 2018. Clips reordered to make this possible.
35. Cut Brackett's "everyone deserves one good scare line."
36. Entirety of Laurie's final monologue cut.
37. Restructured version of "Michael's Legacy" used.
38. Ending restructured so that we see how Michael escaped the mob at the same time we're seeing Karen be attacked by him. Several clips from extended cut used.
39. Michael seeing his reflection used as the final shot.

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I have a lot of time for any fanedit by Ryantology. He approaches each edit with a genuine sense of love and enthusiasm, whilst ensuring it’s as professional and polished as possible. Knowing he’s as big a Halloween fan as I am, it’s always exciting when he announces he’s working on a new edit, regardless of what entry it may be in the series. So, it’s fitting that he should release his version of Halloween Kills, an entry which I consider to be one of the very worse in the entire series… could he actually save this film for me? Let’s find out.

Firstly, this is a tough ask for me. I have so many problems with this film. The dreadful dialogue which some of the legacy characters have to deliver, the fact Tommy is a complete idiot, the redundant over the top kills to characters introduced purely just to get more kills in the film and stretch it out, the ludicrous and heavy handed mob culture scenes…. Need I go on? Whilst I realise many of the Halloween sequels are hardly masterclasses of writing, Kills takes it to a whole new level of scraping the barrel for me. I think it’s because you get the feeling David Gordon Green honestly feels he and Danny McBride are doing something really clever and special here. Well, they’re not.

Anyway, onto the edit. Put simply, Ryantology deserves huge kudos for trimming or completely excising the worst sequences of this movie. He almost succeeds to the point where I could legitimately say I enjoyed the movie… almost. He tries really hard to get you to believe that the legacy characters are treated with some kind or respect or credibility. For example, Tommy’s story in the bar is truncated so skilfully, that it’s now a scene that has far more impact, even though it’s shorter (sometimes less is way more and this proves it). Unfortunately, Tommy is still an idiot for the most part and I still hate the way he’s written and portrayed in this film – but to be fair Ryantology does what he can here to make him more bearable. This is true for most characters now in this edit – they are at least bearable thanks to some nicely judged trims.

The movie is much leaner now, and this helps elevate Kills far more than it probably deserves. The one aspect of the movie I’ve always liked is not surprisingly James Jude Courtney’s portrayal of The Shape. He’s awesome and fills each scene he’s in with dread and a genuine feeling of suspense and terror. Ryantology’s sublime cut work actually adds to this even further, resulting in the finale at the Myers house where Allyson, Cameron and Lonnie venture in to confront Michael, being even more powerful and effective. Initially I wasn’t too sure on the way Ryantology intercuts Michael attacking Karen with the attack on the mob, but having had time to reflect on that, I think it works a lot better than the original scene we got and I absolutely love the final shot of this edit.

He also tries hard to make the mob scenes better at the hospital – and they are improved. However, I still hate the whole clumsy and heavy handed way this scene is constructed and it remains the worst part of the film for me.

So, whilst I couldn’t say Ryantology has managed to save Kills for me, as personally I think even more needs to be cut, it is a huge improvement on the theatrical version.. and I mean huge. At least now I can find some consistent enjoyment the movie, and that’s something I never felt previously. The fact I can score this as an 8 in terms of enjoyement, is purely down to the skill of the editor here. In terms of Halloween fanedits, this one is right up there with some of the best.
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What a difference a few trims here and there can make. Ryantology has completely transformed this second installment in Green’s trilogy from a divisive entry in the series among Halloween fans into a worthy second chapter. Gone are the cringeworthy dialogue and failed attempts at humor, allowing the tone to remain consistent throughout the runtime. The mob mentality aspect of the film is also scaled back and restructured in away that makes it more digestible for the audience. The reworking of the ending is the highlight of this fanedit and makes the theatrical version pale in comparison. Can’t recommend this fanedit enough!!

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