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Ryantology has knocked this one out of the park. I cannot recommend this edit enough. I thought 2018 Halloween was a great movie, even with a couple of flaws in it. But 2021 Halloween Kills had MANY more flaws. Bad writing at parts, a lot just giving lip service to fans, or filling gaps that didn't need it that seemed like fodder to fill time. What Ryantology does here is make both films tightened up, via pacing, and clean edits. His Removal of the music when Allison discovers her friends body from 2018, putting just as great music in as a substitute, and then repurposing such a great music score to the "end" of 2018 Halloween was genius. Instead of feeling like a triumphant ending, it pushes the story and the images to keep the story going.

There were a lot of flaws, as I said, with Kills. And Ryantology moves the sequence of events in both movies to sharpen the pace, editing out the silly one liners, the dialogue that was just useless, and a couple of moments that absolutely did not need to be in the film. Including the Hospital craziness, the entire red herring 2nd escaped patient portion, and makes the vigilante plot really resonate more with the editing out of the silly parts. THIS EDIT WORKS!

Nothing is missing. No obvious cuts that take you away from the film, it flows very smooth, the audio edits are unnoticeable, and score with dialogue with effects seem like a high quality full release quality. His re-pacing and timing on all of it is fantastic.

I am a HUGE Halloween fan, and saw both 2018 and 2021 in the theater. My wife couldn't go to 2021. And she still hasn't seen it. I am actually going to show her THIS EDIT rather than the other film, because I think it's superior, and clever, and an incredible statement on the skills and art that Ryantology has to make a masterwork like this.


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