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Pretty good edit that cuts back on some of the wilder moments of RZ's HII. I'll be the first to say that the premise was great. Not many horror sequels deal with the aftermath of the slasher spree, but seeing Laurie (and co) trying to work past her trauma, Loomis showing his true colors of being a greedy, pompous ass, and the rest of the town trying to ignore the bloodshed, SHOULD have been good. Unfortunately, Loomis is made too far into the money-grabbing sleezball that his heel-face turn later in the film seems almost contradictory. Laurie is just such a displeasure to watch, and while I understand it's totally natural for a young kid to be this traumatized, it doesn't make it any better to watch. It's still handled poorly.

But this edit does a great job of, like I said, cutting back on the more far-out things in the movie. A lot of needless fat was trimmed, making the pacing a lot better. Audio/Video was good, A/V editing was also good. Nothing stood out to me.

Unfortunately, the narrative still isn't very good, and by the last 30 minutes feels like more a retread than Halloween 4 was to the original Halloween. But none of that is the editor's fault.

My enjoyment might look low at a 7, but it is double what it was before. Theatrically, HII would get a 3-3.5 out of me for gore and good acting.

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