Halloween 5: The Haddonfield Harvest

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Halloween 5: The Haddonfield Harvest takes H5 and tries to strip it back down to basics while also adding back footage not previously seen in any version of the film. A new opening, unused gore and more, feature in THE HADDONFIELD HARVEST!
Seeing the alternate opening on the newest Blu-Ray, and how it kinds of ties into H6 and the cult aspect, I wanted to see it back in the film along with some of the cut kill footage. After doing that, I decided to trim up a few things too, and ended up with this fanfix
Other Sources:
- Halloween 2 and 5 OST
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Cuts and Additions:
- new opening credits, without the slashing pumpkins. All text has been centred with a new track mixed from the H2 and H5 OST
- new alternate opening scene, with Michael now being taken in by an occult hermin and revived with black magic (connecting it back to the whole Thorn thing in H6)
- trimmed a line from Rachel after her and Loomis leave the Children's Clinic
- removed the terrible goofy music from the scene with the cops
- trimmed the end of that scene too so that they don't finish each other's sentences
- cut most of Tina searching around Rachel's house
- cut scene between Tina and Sam and Mikey's arrival
- cut Jamie being chased by a fake-out Shape scare
- cut Loomis terrorising her after for what she knows
- trimmed Loomis in the Myers basement messing around with the laundry chute
- cut the end of the scene with the teens outside the Quick Food Mart after Mikey says "touch the car again and you're dead
- restored 2 shots of Mikey being killed with the garden fork (cut by the MPAA)
- trimmed the Man in Black watching Tina
- trim one moment with Tina in the car with her "Mikey" as her lips don't sync
- cut the cops messing about in the car
- cut Spitz and Tina's Michael Myers fakeout outside the barn and inside
- restored 1 extended shot of Spitz being impaled by the pitchfork (also another MPAA cut)
- cut Michael exiting the barn to kill the cops
- trim the cop moaning the death over the phone
- trim some shots of Jami talking to herself in the chute
- restored a shot of Jamie being stabbed in the ankle (as she is limping and bleeding later in the theatrical cut with no explanation)
- darked shots with Michael's face revealed
- cut shot of him crying
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