Halloween (1978) The 2018 Prequel edit

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A more modern cut of the horror classic.
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Get more tension built up in this and add a few more deaths to try and make the 2 movies feel more in line with one another.

I have a lot of respect for the original and what it did for the horror genre. However, if the 2018 Halloween is supposed to be a direct sequel to this one, it seems disconnected. The pacing is different and the over all vibe you get from Michael feels different.
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Bobby Pickett- Monster Mash
Halloween II
Halloween IV
Halloween (2007)
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
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Jrzag42 and ArtisDead
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So aside from some trimming to move things at a faster pace, I replace how Michael come back to Haddonfield buy using Halloween 4's escape. To explain the bandages on his face and and why he wanted the mask from the store I used the film footage from the Zombie version that has Loomis talking about Michael needing a mask and hiding behind them. This also fits with the 2018 movie as to why he refuses to show his face without a mask there as well. The last thing I did was add the street scene from Halloween 2 as the start of the killing spree in this so we can get moving sooner (with what I personally came to see when I watch these movies). I removed any references to people talking about what happened in Halloween 1 so it all flows.
Cuts and Additions:
- After Michael kills his sister, I cut the to the Rob Zombie scene with that young Michael sitting in the police car. We then go right into the grainy footage where Loomis is talking about how Michael needs masks. (Inspired by Ryantology Rob Zombie's Halloween (The 1978 Edit))
- I Replaced the footage of Loomis and the nurse driving to the hospital and Michael stealing their car with the hospital transfer scene from Halloween 4.
- After Michael drives off with the ambulance I cut to the mechanic shop from Halloween 4 so we can assume that is where he got the car used in the rest of the movie.
- Cut the kids from school teasing Tommy about the boogeyman. We get all of this later in the film when Laurie is babysitting.
- Shortened the walk home with Laurie and her friends. I felt this dragged on too long.
- Shortened the drive with Laurie and Annie and Michael following them. Again I feel it goes on too long and nothing is really happening here.
- After Loomis and the sheriff are at Michaels house and find the mutilated animals, I cut to the street scene of Halloween 2 where Michael picks up the knife and goes next door and kills the girl talking on the phone. I added dialog from Night of the Living Dead to remove the TV talking about the killings and I added The Monster Mash when the girl talking on the phone turns on the radio. I also removed the voice of the person talking on the other end of the phone call.
- Cut Annie going to the car and forgetting the keys, going back inside to get them and then walks back out to the car again. Now it's just one trip to the car.
- Trimmed Linda and her boyfriend wondering where Annie is. Now they just want to go upstairs.

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(Updated: October 29, 2021)
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This edit should really be getting more love. It's obvious that The Glowing One has a lot of respect for the original movie. I agree with him when he states that by today's standards, after watching some of the newer movies in the genre (and edits thereof), this movie seems to drag out.

Lantern flips the script on that immediately by changing some of the opening events. We no longer see Michael's parents bewildered after the murder. We see a b&w scene of him being taken away. That changes the pace instantly and from there the tension is built up to a more nerve-wracking pace.

The scenes incorporated from Halloween IV give Michael a little more to do than just jump on a car and put his hand through a window. I like the ambulance escape much better. It feels more violent and helps the pace. I also like that the garage kill scene with the mechanic is used to establish the manner in which Michael got the station wagon.

My only problem with this edit is the transition from Michael presumably killing the mechanic to the next scene. I feel that the fade is awkward. However, the original has a harsh cut so Lantern didn't have much to work with in regards to that scene, so he did what he could with it.

I mentioned this to him in the preview process and he replied, "I placed the mechanic shop in even though it was only a quick shot so when we next see him driving, the assumption is he just killed someone at a shop where they work on cars, so he must have gotten the car from there. At least that was my intention. because the movie proper for that scene cuts short, and the hard cut just didn't seem to work (in my opinion) and I felt the fade was better since we don't see the actual kill anyway. The Movie Proper shot still cuts away as Michael starts down with the crowbar either way." I agree.

There was some cuts for pacing that were made that worked excellently. There was also added scenes from Halloween 2 that upped the body count. I think it was very clever to redub the audio from Night of the Living Dead and The Monster Mash. Nice change up that.

I feel this edit is a much faster paced movie than the original with a higher body count that lends to being more in line with the current sequels.

It's an excellent edit for this time of year.. Very enthusiastically recommended.

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