Hairspray Extended Edition

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Hairspray Extended Edition
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All five deleted/extended scenes in the Shake & Shimmy DVD Edition were reintegrated into the movie. This means 6 more minutes of Baltimore big hair dancing!
Re-insert the deleted scenes.
Special Features
– Animated menus with scene selection and Jump To A Song features
– Feature commentary by Adam Shankman (director) and Nikki Blonsky (Tracy)
Cuts and Additions:
- Additional segment in “Welcome to the 60s” where Tracy and her mom encounter a group of girls hula-hooping on the sidewalk. This was the only scene that required some creative editing (e.g. transposing the audio up a half-step).
- Edna getting arrested at the protest. (We never see her being released, but we can quite reasonably assume that Wilbur bailed her out before their next scene together.)
- Tracy’s new musical number, “I Can Wait”.
- Additional segment in “You Can’t Stop the Beat” where Velma is arrested.
- Alternate Velma-only version of “Big, Blond and Beautiful” added as a post-credits sequence.
Cover art by Amazming Studios (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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col.hutty jul 30 2009

I am an extended edition buff and have a big collection of original ones and all the fanedits from here.
Many extended editions do not add anything to the movie, just add more useless scenes. I will rate the ones here.
Rating criteria: image quality, sound quality, 3x improvement, overall.
Image Quality: 9 of 10
Sound Quality: 8 of 10
Improvement: 4 of 10
Overall: 6 of 10

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