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Normally I don’t watch stuff where the narrative centres around a bunch of villain protagonists with very few if any redeeming qualities and yet with both the theoretical edition and this edit I find that the occasional banter between the eight possibly nine if counting OB puts a smile on my face and even gets a good chuckle out of me on occasion.

The whole character and motive building aspect of it all also adds quite the intrigue especially the parts as to what aspect of there statements and vocations are real or fabricated with there respective backgrounds and morally grey to black sense of ethics providing some interesting conflict that explores the very nature of human evil itself and how one can become so absorbed by there own sense of ethics and practices that they believe themselves to be in the right.

The added character interaction bestowed upon via the extended scenes helps the overall film to flow more naturally and gives more insight into the minds and motivations behind the eight that has the benefit of showing them all to be more cautious and pragmatic in there goals and ambitions, the extra dialogue also gives a little more narrative prominence to those of the eight that I thought were a little underdeveloped or underutilised in the theatrical cut.

On the technical side of things the removal of the directors first voice over and use of sfx helped to maintain the immersion and felt more natural to me compared to the theoretical version where my immersion was completely broken, your use of alternate text throughout the edit blends rather well with that of the films text and your use of audio and visual transitions is for the most part both authentic and smooth helping to set the perfect tone and pace of the previous and proceeding scenes.

Finally the first overture screen from the Roadshow version serves as a good opportunity for audiences to use the lavatory or grab some good ole fashioned beverages ready for cinematic consumption with the shorter intermission time soon after allowing for the audience to either stretch there legs for a little bit or grab some more beverages and maybe discuss and reflect upon the films many aspects such as it’s cinematography before they are ready to resume the intrigue of the narrative.

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