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(Updated: November 09, 2022)
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Having only seen the theatrical version, and then only once, I found myself overwhelmed by the attention to detail and the flawless way in which Wraith had re-integrated the extended scenes - and I did not notice any errors in the audio either.

As for the storyline itself, the extended scenes add far greater depth to the characters, their distrust and hatred of one another and, to a lesser extent, the increased complexity of the people involved. Other film critics tend to analyse the characters of Major Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) and General Sandford Smithers (Bruce Dern) and their racist hatred of each other, but from my perspective, the character of Joe Gage Douglass (Michael Madsen) is the most intriguing.

For example, the character of Joe is shown several times to have remorse for his actions... Prior to killing Six-House Judy (Zoe Bell), he gave second glances at her inside Minnie's Haberdashery (while he stood in front of the stove warming his hands). Later, both Joe and Oswaldo (Tim Roth) had sad looks on their faces, shown just after Minnie's conversation "in French." Joe was also shown looking out the window at Judy as she attended to the horses and the wagon. After shooting her, twice, he wipes blood splatter from his face, and gives her a last lingering look, and then makes second glances down the well after dumping her body there. Later in the story (earlier in the movie), he is shown writing his memoirs, which could be interpreted as Joe writing a confession. He already recognised the fact that he had murdered someone that he had genuine feelings for, and that he had effectively destroyed his own chance at happiness. When he murdered Judy, he killed a part of himself, and this makes his own hard-hearted behaviour later in the movie all the more tragic. (When he admitted to putting the poison in the coffee, did he really do so to save the life of Daisy Domergue, or did he do it because he actually wanted to be shot?)

It was these subtle aspects of all the characters (not just Joe) that Wraith brought forward and highlighted to the audience.

Lastly, since I have never seen the miniseries with Tarantino's voice-over narration, I did not notice its absence and found no imperfections in the audio.

This is a stellar example of what a dedicated fan-editor can do.... Well done Wraith.

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