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(Updated: October 27, 2022)
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Once again, Wraith continues to impress me. I already saw Wraith's previous cut of the film, and I also put in my two cents. I'd rather not repeat what I've already said before, so you can read my review of Wraith's contribution to the film via copy and paste:

This extended version of Wraith's edit gets a higher rating from me just for the roadshow bits alone. They do a fantastic job at fleshing out the details, and in an Agatha Christie-esque film like this, you can never have too many of those. I live in the US, where we have been cursed with nothing but the original version on blu-ray, so seeing anything related to the roadshow version is a gift. It's a shame that the roadshow is so hard to find, as the film would be better received if that version were more accessible. For now, though, this is without a doubt the best way to see The Hateful Eight. Strongly recommended. Check this one out!

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