Gunney Highway

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More grit, Less 80s humor, some scoring tweaks and more credible.
Gunney Highway was made at the same time as Fallen Hero (my Gran Torino Heartbreak Ridge mashup.

While making Fallen Hero, it was clear to me how badly the 80s humor had dated in Heartbreak Ridge. Further, I found the character of Spike/Mario Van Peebles, to be intensely annoying.

Gunney Highway removes over 20 mins of dated humor and corrects a number of continuity errors in the sequencing of the cadets' training. This edit also tightens up some of the action for better impact, together with some minor scoring adjustments to deliver a classic Clint movie with the grit one expects, while retaining sufficient credible homor witout the 80s cringe factor.

Many additional tweaks and trims were made to consildate the edit, characters and tone of the movie.

There will be further WRAITH VAULT submissions in the coming weeks since my live editing and Godfather revisions are delayed due to real world issues in abundance plaguing my creative juices and available down time.
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Editing Details:
The idea was just to have thge movie feel like it should always have been...A CLINT EASTWOOD MOVIE without the overhang of excessive humor and 80s stereotypical idiots in the platoon.
Cuts and Additions:
- New opening titles with the sped up footgae slowed to normal speed
- a few trims in the initial jail cell scenes
- some trims on the coach ride to tone down Spikes character
- some pruile dialogue removal from the initial base intro with a score enhancement
- Re-sequencing of the casdet training sessions with trims for excessive humor
- Some further tighteing up at the bar
- Better scene ordering and continuity for the whole Gunney lending money issue
- Action sequences and intro oto them tightened up with a view to flow and credibility
- Closing credit adjustments
- Many many more little trims and tweaks to consolidate the whole thing

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