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When GotG2 was announced I was apprehensive, but cautiously optimistic. I think the first Guardians might be the best movie Marvel has put out, and one of the best action adventure films in the last decade. With the sequel I think they built on the characters very well, but the movie still felt bloated. The filmmakers wanted make you feel the struggles of the characters, but it's like they had a specific ratio of jokes that they had to adhere to. Plus they had to include a lot of baby groot, the cute mascot of the film.

RB's edit fixes pretty much all of my problems with the film. He delivered on all his promises in the change list. Plus this edit is incredibly smooth! I never felt like a scene was too long, or too short. The deletion of few longer jokes and gags really helped sell the more dramatic moments. It's nothing too drastic but it made me take certain situations a bit more seriously. My only complaint is the audio. Fight scenes would be noticeably louder than dialogue or musical scenes. I wasn't turning the volume up and down constantly, so it wasn't that bad. Overall, the 'Pruned Edition' of GotG2 turns a fine sequel into leaner, meaner, more emotionally resonant sequel. As of right now, I prefer this version to the original. But I'll have to compare the two in depth to know for sure.

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