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First off, my low enjoyment factor has nothing to do with the edit itself, it's because even with all of the garbage edited out, it's still a boring and messy movie. The edit itself is fantastic because MWRK did a stellar job of taking a completely unwatchable mess and turned it into something I was able to at least sit through...

The theatrical version was so horrible, my wife and I agreed to just turn it off and return the disc to Redbox. It was really just horrible. So, it's a testament to the editor that I was able to sit through the whole thing. Sadly, I don't think any further cuts would even be possible because if you cut any more of the stupid crap, you'd be left with maybe 3-4 punchlines and the rest would just be filler, leaving 95% of the movie as pure filler.

I don't know what happened with Sandler here, but this movie just went full retard. I really liked the first one.

Anyways...Props to the editor for turning watery diarrhea into just a fart with no smell.

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