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Only meant to watch one of these, but I got caught up in the spirit and went for the double.
Must have been the curry commercial.
Leeroy has performed grindhouse magic on these two gems.

Deathproof benefited the most, as the structural rearranging tightened the narrative.
The bar scene still plays out too long, Tarentino not wanting to trim his dialogue.
The audio was great, and video jump edits were OK, too.
This was never a film you could walk for popcorn on.
I’ve already rewatched this a couple times.

Cuts in Machete were spot on.
Immigration talk grew repetitive in the original, so I’m glad Leeroy truncated that.
Losing the notion of Machete as lady killer was fine, too.
Truth to tell, I didn’t notice a lot of trims, and that speaks well of the edit.

Video for both was fine. Grindhouse effects were not too noticeable.
When the technique is over applied, it becomes distracting and intrusive.
Solid job, nice restraint.
Can’t wait for Leeroy to tackle Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again and Deathproof 2.

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