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8.8 5 10
FanFix August 01, 2012 2004
(Updated: September 06, 2012)
rogue-thex jun 22 2012

Fantastic job!

Deathproof: This is great! Leeroy takes one of my favorite movies and gives it a unique alternate structure with plenty of surprises. I love what Lee does with Stuntman Mike, not going to spoil it, but its subtle and gives the viewer just enough that they can draw there own conclusions. Slick.

Machete: I like the original version but it goes on too long, there’s too much modern computer stuff and just too much stuff for one movie, especially (IMO) for the kind of movie it was trying to emulate. This version is way better, its much more strait forward and easy to follow without all the tangents, makes more sense, and is basically the Machete i had hoped to see when i saw the first trailer Rodriguez made.

The presentation is a lot of fun, some cool trailers and ads to go with it.

11 out of 10

Side notes: If you like the cinematic experience, or retro movies, or just some good old fun, then check this out. HIGHLY RECOMENDED.
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