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When I saw the theatrical version of Green Lantern I was disappointed. It was nowhere near the quality of Spiderman, Batman Begins or the whole lot of Marvel-comic-movies (only Hulk 2 is on a similar awful level).
So I was curious what a good fanedit could achieve. This edit is marvellous from a technical perspective, audio-transitions, visual transitions, great use of new music to make the audio-cuts seamless... everything is perfect, like it came out that way by the studio and in good HD-quality. Awesome work! I really wish I could edit that well technically, but I'm not yet on that level.
Narratively the goal was to make the movie more cool, more herolike, the hero is more admirable, doesn't falter, doesn't doubt too much, the villain (Hector) is more focused, not so irritatingly erratic and creepy... and the plot is built up more logically by getting rid of some detracting subplots.

That was the goal, and the goal was 100% achieved. Great editing to achieve that.

But, and it pains me to say that, by getting rid of all that awful stuff from the original (it's really awfully presented and told in the original), the heart and soul of the story is severely drained. So drained I asked myself what the point of the story is, when it misses all that struggle of the main-hero to embrace his destiny and the backstory with Hector and the interweaving of Hal's struggle with the overcoming of fear that mirrors with the overall struggle against that rogue guardian.

So by getting rid of all that awfully told main-story from the original, the edit is much more logical and much better presented, but becomes empty narratively.


I still highly recommend the edit, because a) it's so marvellously edited technically (I envy your skills, SkyFlix) and b) because it achieved perfectly what it set out to do, even though it imho destroyed the heart and point of the story.

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