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SKYflix was able to turn an extremely underwhelming movie into something enjoyable. To me, it doesn't quite feel like a complete movie because so much was cut that the character's arcs seemed very quick, but the things that were cut definitely needed to be cut to make it a good movie.

Considering how much was cut, the narrative didn't suffer too much. Unfortunately, Hector's descent seemed a bit sudden, but the way Hal Jordan embraced the responsibility of being a Green Lantern was much better in this edit compared to the theatrical edit.

Editing wise, I thought this version was flawless. I couldn't tell where things were being cut or changed and the story flowed much better.

Narrative wise, while I still think this version is a flawed film and Green Lantern can be done better, I think this is a live-action version of Green Lantern that true fans can actually appreciate and get some enjoyment out of. A remarkable feat, considering how terrible the theatrical version was.

Thank you SKYflix for investing the time and effort to fix, as best as possible, a big mistake made by DC.

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