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BLADE RUNNER was one of those films that I just HAD to watch when I was a wee teenage lad due to the sheer legendary status that surrounded this film. What they were able to do in terms of sets, special effects, costumes, and a truly tangible atmosphere is simply astounding for a film that was made in 1987; and it's a film that has truly transcended time and still feels relevant today. But MAN does it DRAG! The film is gorgeous to look at, but there's only so much beautiful slow shots that one can take before the beauty just becomes stale from the constant bombardment of said beautiful slow shots! I wanted to like it, I swear! But the way the story was told was just dreadfully boring. Keo has a warning that states, "this edit is for a VERY small audience," but I insist that I could not be in the minority in finding this film a drag; I insist that most people say they like this film simply because they're afraid to go against the cinematic religious belief that "BLADE RUNNER IS A MASTERPIECE." In other words, most people are lying when they say that they enjoyed BLADE RUNNER. There, I said it!

That being said, this edit has really done a phenomenal job in streamlining the film without sacrificing AT ALL the atmosphere, story, and overall message of the film. In fact, the message was actually improved and made clearer in this edit! I mean, seriously, how could anyone find the Replicant gang sympathetic when they look so sinister and they kept casually killing people with little to no remorse throughout the film?! Keo fixes that. For the first time ever, I TRULY felt bad for Roy Batty in the end. And the pacing is dramatically improved, not ONCE was I ever bored watching this. And thank you for not including the goddamn unicorn sequence. It's a neat idea, but it does feel ultimately shoehorned in and it didn't really add much except forcing a "mysterious twist" within a film that didn't really need it.

My only complaint is not adding the year and all mentions of the year. I mean, why do that? Is it because the film takes place in 2019 and we're in 2022 and thus ruining the "immersion magic"? I mean, sure, but how hard is it to just imagine that this film takes place in an "alternate universe?" Eh, just a minor nitpick.

Thank you Keo. You've helped me to FINALLY appreciate the claims that this film is a "masterpiece." An excellent edit, plain and simple. And if you ever do a version that includes the voice overs, I would be intrigued in watching that as well!

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