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(Updated: February 02, 2022)
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Excellent edit, excellent. By removing every reference to the killing committed by the escaped replicants, you made them more sympathetic. I also liked the fact that Deckard in this version is forced to go back to work, because obviously Bryant has something against him (maybe Deckard actually retired a human by mistake, and Bryant knows about it ?).
No unicorn dream made the exact nature of Deckard more ambiguous, I prefer it this way, I never really liked the idea that Deckard is a replicant, I prefer to see him as Blade Runner who slowly becomes aware that replicants are actually more human than human.
The deleted scenes are cool, I feel even more sorry of Holden, now that we see him in coma.
Also thanks for sparing Sebastian, his death was unnecessary, the poor guy is already living hell, no need for Roy to brutally kill him.
My only complaint is about the unicorn origami in the end. Now that Deckard is no longer having that dream, it seems a little out of place. But maybe it can be viewed as a random origami left by Gaff meaning that he knows about Rachel, and he is willing to let them escape.

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