Good Guy & Infection (Double Feature)

Good Guy & Infection (Double Feature)
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Original Movie Title:
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Original Release Date:
1987, 2002
Original Running Time:
87 minutes, 93 minutes
Fanedit Release Date:
Fanedit Running Time:
Approx 60 minutes each
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Brief Synopsis:
This is the third double feature cut to 60 minutes. Just like TV episodes.
The intention is to make the horror and action on top in a 60 minutes cut.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
Good Guy: it stays a mystery to everyone that Charles Lee Ray is in the doll
So all the conversation between the mother, the boy and the cop about Lee Ray is cut out
Some cutting in dialogue
The boy walks to the house of Eddy Caputo so not with the subway
In the house of Caputo some scenes are trimmed
also with aunt Maggie
In the car accident with the cop i cut some lines out.


In this cut there is a lot cut out of mumbo jumbo that i don't need for this cut
A raft scene is cut, some fucking and some trimmed scenes
I cut out that fake police officer that so called "party cop" that clown was totally unnecessary in that movie
So in this cut the infection begins pretty quickly

Music overdub of John Carpenter tracks from Christine, Prince of Darkness and Assault

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