Godzilla Vs The World

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All hail the king!
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The aim of this project was to give the viewer a single intense Godzilla experience by combining the best elements from Godzilla (2014) with a streamlined Godzilla (2019) .
While I enjoy both of the recent Godzilla films I found both to be flawed. The first simply lacks enough Godzilla while the second is bloated by too much human interest. My aim was to produce the a single satisfying movie using the best elements from both films.
Other Sources:
Godzilla (2014) Blu ray
Godzilla: King of the monsters (2019) Blu ray
Special Thanks:
Thanks to Trez75 and orchidal for volunteering to preview the workprint of this. Their feedback was most helpful. Thank you also to anyone who followed along with the project and commented on the samples I produced.
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Editing Details:
All edits were done with Lightworks 14.5
I also used Handbrake and MakeMKV
For the artwork I used the mobile app Polish
Cuts and Additions:
New, previously unseen introduction
Final act of Godzilla (2014) used as opening act
Removed flashback to 2014 from KOTM intro
Removed entire burn breakfast scene between Madison and Dr Russel
Reordered and slightly truncated Monach hearing and Terrorist attack
Truncated intro to Mark Russel (removing the wolves)
Removed one minute of arguing in Castle Bravo about opening the blast doors
Removed 6 minute long video call from Dr Russel
Removed unnecessary arguing between Mark and Dr Russel in car
Rescored Credits with Monster by the Automatic

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(Updated: November 18, 2020)
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An outstanding edit and a great improvement on the originals. I thought the film(s) looked and sounded as good as they ever have and all of the editing work went by without notice. Much of the family drama padding has been removed, which gives it better pacing and none of the human drama is actually lessened or made less intelligible as a result of it.

It starts with a strong melding of the two films, and where it begins from 2014 is an excellent choice, and transitioning to KOTM is smooth and seamless, as are all of the edits. I found myself wondering where exactly little bits I recalled had been. I've seen the originals numerous times and I was mostly having to strain to recall what even had been removed, which seems a great sign of editorial discretion and the fact that the originals have an unfortunate amount of table dressing.

There are still a few weak moments remaining from the originals that continue to take me out of the moment, but that is certainly no fault of the editor, who made the most of how the original filmmakers had constructed the films. Those few nagging bits (and I mean few, like 2-3 couple second exchanges) were the only real detractions for me, keeping me from giving it a 10 in narrative and enjoyment.

Overall, very well done and I'm pleased to have been able to give it a screening!

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