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Decided to have a giant monster double feature with Rangerkris' Godzilla and Pacific Rim.

My feelings about this edit fairly similar to the previous reviews.... a very good looking edit loaded with great monster action.

But I felt the removal of the Power Plant weakened Cranston's role and the cutting back on his son throughout the film made an already uninteresting character even more forgettable. I wonder if Cranston's scenes could have been augmented with at the very least, very brief intense flashbacks to greater sell his trauma and engage the audience more? Or flashbacks of the son with his father, to strengthen their relationship and give his quest more weight?

Also, I wish the watch/Hiroshima moment had been kept. To me, this is a core element of the Godzilla mythos and should never be forgotten or dismissed no matter how obvious it may feel to modern audiences.

It would have been nice if the final night battle had been brightened a little bit, as I found it still a bit too dark to clearly make out entirely what was happening on the screen.

And while I did not mind the darker ending, it might have played stronger if Kris had replaced the final music of Godzilla awakening and returning to the ocean with something more ominous and less heroic.

But at the end of the day, this is still a fun, fast paced monster rumble movie. I enjoyed it as an alternate cut, and I think Kris did well with the limits of the original source material.

Thumbs up.

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