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Godzilla: Path of Destruction
October 18, 2014    
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Mikedrew87 presents a new of Godzilla here-- both of us have a similar take on the material which seems to go against popular consensus apparently: the theatrical version was Bad. It was a bad movie and I'm not going to watch it again. Period. It is why we worked on our respective versions of this movie and came up with better alternative takes, and for my money Mike's version is superb! The audio/visual craftsmanship is impeccable--no noticeable flaws or hiccups at all. Narrative wise, it is of course an improvement over the poorly paced and misguided original. By excising the redundant and poorly executed "human" melodrama, Mike creates a far better and purely distilled monster movie. In this version we focus on the creatures wreaking havoc across the land and Brody's attempts to stop them. The best part about the edit is that Brody's family is completely cut away, and the ambiguous ending is inspired. What human moments remain do not detract from the monster action. All in all, a perfect edit of this film is not possible due to the lack of filmed material, and it will always be a bad movie, but Mike's take on the original is as good as it can get for people looking for an entertaining monster movie. Great work!

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Thanks for taking the time to watch and write a review for this edit. I'm pleased that you enjoyed this flick. I think you're right about making a 2-disc dvd set on this. Again thanks for the review.

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