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Excellent video quality, audio occasionally a little muffled and appears to lag slightly but this may be an issue with my playback rather than the edit itself.

Despite having seen the original film from 2014 I never bothered watching the sequel, perhaps a consequence of getting bored out of my mind by Kong: Skull Island. Seeing this edit’s listing prompted me to visit it at last and try it before the theatrical cut so I would have no prior knowledge or expectation, thus while I cannot comment on how much of an improvement this cut is the stated aim of achieving tonal consistency has certainly been achieved.

While some moments of the drama do feel a bit overwrought, the sense of dread is unbroken throughout by the described “lighter” moments present in the original: an exception would be presence of the news pages during the end credits, after the somber ending I found it a bit jarring to see the comparatively upbeat proclamations of how the monsters are the solution to the world’s ecological issues!

While not a film I am personally interested in revisiting, it is a decent piece of work and an amazing achievement for a first time editor!

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