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Didn't see the original as heard it is a bloody mess, both literally and the other literally, but as the author asked me to leave a review here goes:

Edit quality is top notch, no visible glitches or weird transitions, both audio and video. As the movie uses a lot of poetic/artisan shots with theatrical gestures/highlights and dramatic music it is an achievement in itself. The only thing that stuck out was the narrative and I'm not sure if the material was so over the top that this was a normalized version, or the the other way around. Most of the time characters and their motivations were consistent, but it somehow drifted. I'm not a believer, so atheist jokes did not offend me, want to make that clear as it has to have an impact on how people see this fanedit. The christology was clearly johannine with jesus being the preexistent equal to god (from where a lot of good jokes were sourced when he's praying to himself, Patripassianism resurrected). Maybe it was just my mind that drifted away, but with everyone discussing church issues I was thinking that a good opportunity was missed, since all dialogue is in language noone understands even getting markan jesus where he gets deified at baptism would be possible? If he was a little less over the top his mental illness would be believable maybe? (if you look at most likely historical jesus he was just an apocalyptic teacher expecting the end of the world and cosmic judge to come soon and restore the kingdom of god and not sure what the original ending was, but that mistaken/doubting jesus is even in the new testament, preexisting god wouldn't call to himself 'why have I forsaken myself', video material was there, sorry for going on a tangent)

TL;DR Edit was great technically, lots of good jokes, as some other reviewers mentioned based on the trailer one would expect this to not work for a full time run, but it did, different point of views were brought up to provide enough of a variety, just my own issues prevented me from enjoying it fully

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