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FanMix March 01, 2016 11198
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I have no idea what ssj does for a day job, but I really hope someone is paying him a large sum of of money to make people laugh. The concept behind this edit seems like it might make a funny 3 or 4 minute clip but would get really tiresome over the course of a feature length movie. And that's where ssj's comedic gift shines through. It's funny end to end. Funnier than most "comedies" released these days. And I'll just assume it was technically edited well, because I was laughing too damn hard to notice anything out of place. With fanediting, once you have the basics down, it's fairly easy enough to take source material, cut out the stuff you don't want, and present something new. But to do that and then take it a step further by rewriting the script (you really should have given yourself a screenwriting credit at the end) to the point where the entire concept is flipped on its head and becomes a brilliant satire of itself? Damn. We're looking at some next level shit right here. Well done, ssj.
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