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March 01, 2016    
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Hilarious edit. My wife and I didn't get to this in time for Easter which is fine since we don't believe in bunnies. At least I watched this on a Sunday for maximum damnation. We both laughed out loud many times. I preferred this to ssj's excellent Crouching Dragon - that one was hilarious in a really out there, "random" way. This one is coherent and humorously skewers religious dogma throughout. *Unrelated to edit* I will absolutely never watch the ubercheap DVD I picked up of 'Passion of the Christ' but HOLY BALLS THE REAL MOVIE WITH NO SUBTITLES IS INSANE.

Anyway, ssj doesn't just take cheap shots. He makes some damn good points throughout. But most importantly, it's funny. There are so many great lines that I can't wait to rewatch just to catch. We were often laughing really hard and not reading. Some of my favorites that I recall are Mel Goblin and Grimpson, Fig tree hater, the Jesus Christ Superstar references, "End psychic transmission," and my favorite thing in the whole movie (that my wife and I have been saying to each other constantly since yesterday: "queue - the - f$#@ - up." Great job!

P.S. Was that a version of the Crouching Dragon trailer music played over the end credits? That track was really catchy so it stood out to me.

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