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As with Wraith's Extended version of The Godfather, this fanedit is a flawless masterpiece.

The extended/deleted scenes serve to 'flesh out' the characters, and make the audience/viewer like them or hate them even more. For example, the local mafia representative during Vito's early years in New York - Fanucci - is depicted even more harshly in Wraith's fanedit than he was in the original cinema cut. Fanucci is presented as so utterly repugnant that we (the audience) actually want Vito to kill him.

Later in the movie, the inclusion of the missing film footage showing young Vito (Robert De Niro) tracking down and killing two of Don Ciccio's thugs explains that he (Vito) was weakening Ciccio's organisation prior to the main attack by Vito's gang.

The additional scenes with Fredo and his drunk of a wife (Deanna) show that Fredo was the emotional weakling of the family, and conveys to the audience the real reason why Michael became the Don instead of his older brother. It also makes Fredo's murder, under orders from Michael, all the more tragic and heartbreaking, because it shows that Michael was essentially 'functioning on autopilot' as a mafia godfather. He, the Don, was acting in the manner of a Godfather in all things, regardless of his own personal feelings. He had to show strength, at all times, because to do otherwise would result in his own death and the death of his children.

This is the true value of what Wraith had done... he is showing the audience the backstory and the hidden aspects of the characters, and their motivations for their actions in the movie.

Like the Godfather: Extended, Wraith's extended version of the Godfather: Part 2, is superior to the cinema cut, and another 'notch in the belt' for Wraith's catalogue of fanedits.

Well done Wraith!

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