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Brief Synopsis:
Many fellow editors and fans alike wanted me to create extended editions of the theatrical structuures, much like Hal-over_9000's incorporating the myriad of changes, new material, new audio and fixes/refinements which I applied to The Magnum Opus.

Here at last, respecting the original choices (for the most part) of the original editor, is a fully revised and updated version of both of the first two Godfather movies in HD.

Some years past now, Hal_over_9000 released his extended editions of The Godfather and The Godfather ParII. These inspired me to create The Godfather Magnum Opus consisting of The Godfather: Don Vito's OPus and The Godfather: Michael's Opus.

Here at last, respecting the original choices (for the most part) of the original editor, is a fully revised and updated version of both of the first two Godfather movies in HD.
Additional Notes:
The Godfather movies contain many errors which are persistent in all official versions. Apart from restoring all HD censored material to the chronological version, I have also corrected many errors and made a few minor narrative changes to improve the flow. I have also incorporated many new small elements and finds throughout.
Other Sources:
The Godfather Trilogy Limited Edition CDs
The Godfather Coda: The death of Michael Corleone
Special features from all Blu ray versions
The Godfather Epic 720 p (unknown source)
The Godfather 50th Anniversary 4K release
Hollywood or Bust Blu Ray
Special Thanks:
Gbeditsmovies, jswert123456, Moe_Syzlak, jrWHAG42, Heavysyde, stferguson78, flaminio, asterixsmeagol, sgp1428, grabaham, subjectzero, TheUltimate, Mako and morrigan for following my tortuous thread on this, their feedback, encouragement and support.

Extra Special thanks to Spence (for applying topaz to some material), Mako for some upscaling, tylrsmmrs and SonnyGFunk for their incredible QC and spotting things, and Tony.Montana79 for the same.

Finally, a thanks as always to the one and only ArtisDead...just because!
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Wherevever possible, the best source has been used but NOT the $k transfers which destroy the original Gordon Willis color palette. The so called "yello patina".

I have also added extensive additional new subtitles throughout, and corrected mis-translations. Original Italian audio has been put back where it was replaced, and many additional sound additions have been sourced from the various chronilogical edits.

The theatrical structure has been respected and all the relevant additions to The Magnum Opus have been added. The original credit roills have been maintaned and the opening credits re-created from scratch.
Cuts and Additions:
Since many of the changes made to the extended versions are derived from the Magnum Opus, I have elected to make the full update on this thread where all the details and evolution of the changes is documented. The below exclude many micro changes.

There are too many micro tweaks to list them all, but here are the main ones.

ADDITIONAL CHANGES over and above added scenes are noted as follows retained or removed from Michael's Opus and the first 75 mins of Don Vito's Opus, as noted below.

- All new Paramount Logo from that period
- Fanedit and WRAITH Logos
- All new flicker free opening titles (using actual font grabs from the onscreen version) cleaned up and stabilised
- All new subtitles across all movies in a consistent and the correct font
- Expanded subtitles where translation is either missing or incorrect retained throughout (see earlier in this thread for details)
- Original giant caption from Part II opening is reinstated.
- Additional Subtitles added to untransalted porition of store scene with Vito and Genco
- Completely re-done Young Vito walkaway shot has been retained.
- I hate the short Theatrical quick crossfade and short shot cut (to a different scene than in the extended), and detest the Extended version with the badly looped ADR in English. This fix, remains!
- Typo corrected in subtitles "I do" and "Andolini"
- Re positionaed scene of Vito looking over baby retained
- Continuity fix when Genco and Vito are in the the cafe, retained
- Additional music sting when Genco and Vito leave the cafe, retained
- footage of Michael walking on a pier in Lake Tahoe playing with a dog has been relocated to after the attck but before Anthony's bed time
- Anthony's bedtime has been restored to its Theatrical position and Theatrical version to permit the crossfade to Young Vito to occur per the Theatrical version
- Caption “The day of Anthony Corleones Holy Communiion”, is the theatrical version
- Fixed bad music transition while Fredo tells his wife that his brother is head of the Family
- Kays waiting taxi
- Resequenced casino scene retained in its new position
- Extended Oar beating is reatined
- The new montage used for the end of MIchael's Opus now closes this edit and acts as a springboard for La Fine.
- Theatrical credits and music reinstated
- Kay lighting the candles, removed
- "In memoriam" credit sequence, removed
- Fanedit thanks card at the end of the credits

For completists, below are the Additional Scenes to The Godfather Part II In the order they appear:

- Two of Don Ciccio's thugs arrive at the Andolini home looking for Vito.
- When Vito and Genco go backstage at the theater, there is additional footage of Don Fanucci grabing a young girl.
- Fanucci tells the theater owner that he should have more Sicilian songs and begins to sing.
- While Vito is delivering groceries, he sees three punks over on assaulting Fanucci,
- Discussion of what the attack (moved to later in the running though)
- Beginning of the scene where young Vito and Clemenza are drinking coffee, talking about the carpet Vito is to steal (scene has a pianola backing track NOT in the Theatrical version)
- Vito, Clemenza, and Tessio meet up with a gunsmith
- Clemenza hawking stolen dresses door-to-door for $5 a piece. POst scene is moved to later
- Clemenza tells Vito to bring the rest of the dresses to Dadine's Store,
- While driving, Fanucci hops aboard Vito's truck.
- Added footage at the end of Fanucci's talk with Vito in the truck.
- Added footage at the beginning of the scene where Vito, Clemenza and Tessio are eating spaghetti at Vito's house discussing how to pay Fanucci.
- There is added footage at the beginning of Vito's meeting with Signora Colombo.
- There is added footage during Vito's talk with Signor Roberto on the street.
- There is added footage before we see Signor Roberto at Vito's office.
- first meeting of young Vito and Hyman Suchowsky, but Clemenza calls him "Johnny Lips". This is young Hyman Roth.
- In a trip back to Sicily, there is additional footage of Vito's family exiting the train and walking with a small band.
- While in Sicily, Vito finds and kills two of Don Ciccio's retainers (Mosca and Strollo)
- There is additional footage of Vito and his family at the train station leaving Sicily.
- Anthony's party, there is added footage of singing on the grandstand, and in the parking lot.
- Anthony walking up to the button men, and stopping as Kay calls after him.
- Added scene of Fredo and his wife Deanna in the parking lot.
- Added scene of Deanna drunk with Fredo
- Sonny's daughter comes to see Michael for his blessing to marry Gardner Shaw
- The additional Santino dialogue and its fix have been removed
- After Francesca and Gardner leave, scene about Santino Jr.and football.
- Extra material of Al Neri talking to Michael (with Hagen and Lampone)
- Fabrizio ("Fred Vincent"), leaving his pizzeria in NYC,
- Footage leading up to Pentangeli drinking from the garden hose added and repositioned
- Pentangeli sitting and drinking wine with Anthony.
- Al Neri visiting Meyer Klingman,
Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: December 09, 2022)
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As with Wraith's Extended version of The Godfather, this fanedit is a flawless masterpiece.

The extended/deleted scenes serve to 'flesh out' the characters, and make the audience/viewer like them or hate them even more. For example, the local mafia representative during Vito's early years in New York - Fanucci - is depicted even more harshly in Wraith's fanedit than he was in the original cinema cut. Fanucci is presented as so utterly repugnant that we (the audience) actually want Vito to kill him.

Later in the movie, the inclusion of the missing film footage showing young Vito (Robert De Niro) tracking down and killing two of Don Ciccio's thugs explains that he (Vito) was weakening Ciccio's organisation prior to the main attack by Vito's gang.

The additional scenes with Fredo and his drunk of a wife (Deanna) show that Fredo was the emotional weakling of the family, and conveys to the audience the real reason why Michael became the Don instead of his older brother. It also makes Fredo's murder, under orders from Michael, all the more tragic and heartbreaking, because it shows that Michael was essentially 'functioning on autopilot' as a mafia godfather. He, the Don, was acting in the manner of a Godfather in all things, regardless of his own personal feelings. He had to show strength, at all times, because to do otherwise would result in his own death and the death of his children.

This is the true value of what Wraith had done... he is showing the audience the backstory and the hidden aspects of the characters, and their motivations for their actions in the movie.

Like the Godfather: Extended, Wraith's extended version of the Godfather: Part 2, is superior to the cinema cut, and another 'notch in the belt' for Wraith's catalogue of fanedits.

Well done Wraith!

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