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I thought I had seen the definitive version of this on VHS years ago, in The Godfather Saga.

I have never seen a version as complete, or as beautifully made, as this.

Wraith, I said when I downloaded these a long while back that I was going to write a review and it has taken forever to get to, and it's going to be short. I have given this the full maxmimum stars as almost everyone has. And I can add very little that hasn't been said over and over again in these other reviews.

You have put together the best version of these films that has ever been done. Period.

This is the ultimate way to watch this incredible saga.

I do not believe there will be a superior version of this unless Coppolla himself does a chronological version up to the modern standard, and even then I have serious doubts he will include as many additional scenes or in such quality.

I know this has been a labour of love for you, no-one could have done it who did not love these films with all his heart. It's breathtaking. It's awe-inspiring. And you have succeeded in creating the best version which has ever been made.

If you're not in professional editing this is all the more impressive. Hell, impressive doesn't come close. What reminded me that I'd yet to leave this review was a recent visit to Rome. That was a lifelong ambition of mine, standing in the Forum and looking at the places where history was set on its modern course ... this version of these movies is like that. It's perfection.

My friend, I cannot thank you enough or praise you highly enough except just to say it; thank you for putting this together.

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