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I remember, as a kid, discovering the worn out VHS of Godfather, Chronological saga on my uncle's shelf. The tape was eventually, invaded by ants, who I guess had nothing better to do, than to ruin my uncle's tape collection... Many tapes that I loved to watch each time I visit, were ruined this way, "Streets of Fire".... you bastards, do not touch my Diane Lane!!! Bermuda Triangle movie from the 70s, that to this day, I cannot track copy of... Stand-up shows, that I don't think were ever release on any other format... anyway....
The chronological edit was always my preferred version of this story, and for decades now, my wish was to see them again, in this way.
What Wraith did with this one looks to be even a step further, and he produced even better extended version, than the one I remember.
I've lost sleep and threads on way simpler edits and projects over the years, having to restart from scratch, many a times, I can only imagine the amount of planning to tackle this monster! And I cannot be more glad you did it, buddy!
Now, I can fulfill my wife's wish to see the Godfather movies, the way I believe they should be seen. Thank you!

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