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I created this account to watch this Opus and it did not disappoint. Like most American fans of cinema, I grew up with the Godfather ever present, a classic from the day it was released. Seeing this cut was like seeing it with new eyes.

The story of the Corleone family through the years is perceived differently as one ages. Watching an extended chronological cut (with deleted scenes improved and inserted masterfully) allowed for an even slower pace, a somber, tragic tempo --like the funeral band in the very first scene. I saw secondary characters and their story more clearly: Rocco Lampone joining Clemenza's crew, Willie Cicci the button-man ending up in a federal court, Johnny Lips becoming Hyman Roth. Sonny is fleshed out beyond being a hothead; his mistress Lucy Mancini and her bastard son Vincent carry more weight now. I could continue, but it's best to watch it yourself. This is the most enjoyment I've ever gotten out of part III, and a wonderful accomplishment by Wraith.

With the exception of a few brief moments where a transition was slightly less than perfect, I forgot completely what I was watching was not an official studio release. I'd long heard of but never seen the chronological cut of The Godfather, and I can't imagine there being a better version.

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